Discussion: January 21st, 2021 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

Use this thread to discuss the development update.


One note: We have decided not to remove “Not Planned” items from the Feedback Snapshot at this time. Even though they are not planned, the team would still like to review them for the future.

You will also see a few items listed as “fixed,” we plan on removing those starting next week to fill with more bugs.



So the World Update 3 will be released on February 2nd instead of January 26th?


Negative, World Update 3 was slated for January 26th. They are now estimating a one-week push, with the target date roughly February 2nd.


Yes, that’s what I meant. :smiley:

A one week delay is fine. :slight_smile:

Does it mean the update after this one will be delayed by one week too?

Unclear, haven’t received word on that at this time. Will ask them during the Live Q&A next week!


Thanks for the update :ok_hand:

Nice to see contrails making an appearance in the SDK :eyes:


Always delay to get it right! The aerodynamics vid was pretty cool!


Yes, great products require equally ‘great’ amount of time. Better to wait rather than receive an incomplete product. Thanks for being so transparent about delays as you always are, and deciding to delay the release until it’s satisfactory. So much good information in today’s blog update…I’ll make a detailed post later.


For the feedback snapshot, is there a way to highlight in a different color what has been changed/updated? Seems like a lot of the bugs have remained unchanged for weeks.


Sad to see the delay, but happy they’re taking their time to release a quality world update.

What’s one more week in the grand scheme of things.


Glad it’s delayed no point rushing it out if it’s not ready.
Also loved the aerodynamics video.
When an update is out for the sdk can a comment be added on the sdk update section to say update is out please.
So I assume the SDK update isn’t out yet as still wants to install the last version.

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Consider postponing the UK update till the summer. It’s always gloomy and raining here so you won’t see anything much till then anyway :laughing:

Nice update, thanks to all involved. Enjoyed the aerodynamics video. I know there are some areas for improvement but looks like a great amount of progress is being made! Curious to know when those updates will release; presumably with the next Sim Update which will be several weeks away. Always more things to look forwards to!

I also wonder if the UK update will include some long-awaited building additions such as churches based on the OSM data, and airfield fixes (both additions and removals), or whether such changes will be done globally over time, rather than regionally. Guess we’ll wait and see :slight_smile:


Im famous!

Seriously, great video!
Glad to see that Asobo are reading the feedback we gives.
Thx all for your work


Hi Jayne,

While removing the fixed items, what about this:

[VR] Dev Q&A and Feedback Snapshot: please make a VR only category

I believe it is important to introduce a VR specific feedback snapshot,

In the Q&A and devblog snapshots, there are lots of entries for the simulator in general listed by number of votes. However I believe the number of VR users is far less than the number of simulator users and most VR specific wishlist items might never get enough votes to be listed, despite they are as important to VR only, like “Cockpit Size and World Scale”, as some others are important to 2D only like “Multiple Screen”.

UK & Ireland The craic will be mighty lads !


We have something coming regarding that :wink:


I hope to see some improvements to the flight model soon, compared to the rest of the sim it seems to be the feature that has fallen behind the most. Rudder + pitch effectiveness, roll inertia, ground handling and turbulence could do with some tweaking.

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Watch the video looks like they have worked on the flight model and mention everything you said.

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