PSA: NVidia has found the root cause of stuttering and VR performance in their drivers!

Nope all that was Off, when I do my Benchmarks i try to make sure stuff like that doesn’t interfere.

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Offline too? Streaming scenery can affect performance too.

But it shouldn’t when all you can see is blue sky and blue sea and why are two identical flights never the same?, regardless it’s clear to me that work still needs to be done on the core of the Sim to help performance. Whether that be direct VR feature additions on the graphical side and/or general optimisation of the Sim.

At the moment it’s not like it’s a dog’s mess, in the right conditions it does work quite well and I’m having a blast, but a bit of TLC never hurts where warranted :slight_smile:

The cloud side is a big part of MSFS this time, so if you want to benchmark graphics, I don’t think the result would be reliable results without being offline. You’ll be surprise how much game logic does not follow your settings for the sake of optimization (e.g. they might still preload in stuffs for caching).

Anyway I am not disagreeing with you about more optimization is needed, although I will always be the case for the simulator. Asobo will add more optimization, and at the same time new features which again would need more optimization. It’s also depends on the specs of the hardware (and the bonus bugs) NVIDIA, AMD and Intel throw out in the future.

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I’ve noticed similar issues… Regarding updates, I haven’t seen any mentions of VR, or any comment about issues or improvements regarding VR on their latest development updates. They are very silent about it, like if it is running perfect for everyone and they have zero problems. :slight_smile: We may see small improvements soon, but I think big performance improvements and changes will probably come later on the Sim update… they will update glass displays, aerodynamics, etc, etc and this will probably have an effect on VR. So many variables… OpenXR, Different headsets, Nvidia issues. Right now it is so complicated to setup. This thing should be plug n play, with minimal issues, like it is on 2D.


Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll address VR questions and feedback:


So the the experts here. I just today installed a brand new asus 3090. what drivers version do you guys recommend for that as today? Right now I am on 461.09

@CptLucky8, did anything useful or substantive come out of that?

Yes and no :smiley:

See my comments on the new VR bugs and features:

Discussion: Live dev Q&A January - #57 by CptLucky8

Index : all the drivers I tested early on made it stutter like a chunky cow, so off to the forums weeks later was clear, run one of two drivers but which one is the best. For me the winner is v461.09

Unrelated but an important option: Has a background app FPS control option. Yet both drivers for me on my index appear to work about the same. I also run@ 90HZ with a cap of 45fps, motion smooth “Yes”.
Gigabyte Water cooled AIO 2080ti

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457.30 for me…all other drivers after that stutter in VR on RTX 3090, 10900KF. I’ve tried every driver since 457.30.


I have installed now the 461.40 drivers (newest) to test my new 3090. Butter smooth flying with the Index in High settings wit SS200 and TAA100. I stay with them

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I also tried 461.40, but back to stutters, even while getting 45fps in VR

This is really peculiar but an opportunity to maybe find some solutions.

Can you please both post your NVidia CPL Settings so that we can cross-check whether there is something causing this here?

Can you also tell whether you’re enabling HAGS, Variable Refresh Rate, Game Mode ?





HAGS off, Game Mode Off, Variable Rate Off


After all I made this morning, I personally decided to stop making VR tests with MSFS, too frustrating. Even with good drivers, at low settings to get 30fps locked ASW, CPU at less than 50% usage each cores, and GPU at 55% usage, so with lot of headroom, and the game stutter like hell, waving fps, unplayable for me.
I’ll wait the next update… Let’s keep hope!

I too just had a buttery smooth flight yesterday after wrestling with settings and drivers since December. This is for cessna 172 - so the big airliners with more complex cockpits will prob need to dial settings back a bit. I fly out of seatac so the first part of flight has a good amount of scenary but its not NY in terms of complexity. Recent updates seem to have improved things for me. Most game settings were on ultra including texture resolution. I can get by with less frame rates than most at 22.5 fps so maybe some will say not good enough. Machine is 7940x, 2080 TI, 32 gb ram. Driver is 461.40, latest steam vr beta that was recently pushed, hags off, smoothing on, nvidia settings about same as those posted above, ss in steam vr is set to 150 and level of detail in game at 100. I can read cockpit instruments without leaning forward and the outside is very clear. Now if ms would just let me turn the haze or aerosol off and let me decide how bad of performance i get from rendering to the horizon. Ive not been able to get clear weather (live or otherwise) in the game for a few weeks now. I used to see mt ranier from seatac but no more. I suspect they installed permanent haze so people would stop complaining about frame rates…maybe. One other piece of potentially useful info is that for me the game ran better on ultra vs high settings (but note i had ultra texture resolution on in both cases…ie the setting that requires game restart to change). I had seen this before in my earlier trials that ultra ran better confirming what a few others have reported too. Hope some of this info helps somebody else.

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I also noticed that annoying distant haze anywhere, anytime, any setting. Of course there is allmost some moisture in the atmosphere but in an rear weather condition f.e. the sky should be very clear and transparent. And the higher you go the clearer becomes the sky.

Smells like an “Xbox performance optimization” victim.

:pray: :pray: Dear devs, please dont sacrifice that sim on the Xbox altar. :pray: :pray:


I had try 461.40 again, with all the possibility with HAGS and Game Mode; ON/ON, ON/OFF, OFF/ON, OFF/OFF, I had use the same NVidia CPL Settings from Dawu777, I use my own setting NVidia CPL and no succes

I can see a improvement with 461.40, I can see less stutter but the best driver for me is 457.30.

My spec:
AMD 5800X and MSI 3090 Gaming X


Hopefully it shouldn’t be long, both WMR OXR and FS2020 (SteamVR 1.16.6 yesterday and all flying good for me with it, in fact, much better than the G2 even if I render more pixels when using the Index! - I’ll post an update today in “My VR Settings - Index” about this).