Discussion: March 18th, 2021 Development Update

Meh. Sim Update 3 taught me it’s not worth looking at any development plans. When an update comes out I’ll take a look at what’s there. Futures aren’t worth investing in.


The updated Top Bugs section of the Feedback Snapshot is much more detailed and transparent than before. Thanks a lot for that! I would like to point out a few issues.

  1. In the list of updated Marketplace content I’m seeing the Carenado PA28R listed twice.
  2. The performance issues item has a duplicate in the Feedback Snapshot, #5 and #23.
  3. The web-friendly Development Roadmap is very outdated and some dates are wrong. I guess the entire February section could be removed now as well.

Also I think it was discussed before, but I would like to see the image version of the roadmap continue to be posted, even if there has been no update. Simply for convenience because I prefer looking at the image version, and the last time it was posted was in the 4 February update.


So we’re a good week in since sim update 3 and nothing substantial to report on the performance issues.

Big fat Meh.


At least they seem want to fix the performance issue ASAP. I would assume ASAP means here a hotfix if it is few weeks before the WU4


I can’t help wondering why taking 2 slots in the Top Bugs for 1.14.5 Performance Problems… Are these 2 different problems and even if they are, since both are ASAP, why the need for 2 entries?

As for the 10 deg instead of 1 bug, does it mean it is no longer targeting SU4 but “any time during 2021” instead?

And last but not least, I’ve kept asking about the Snapshot VR not reflecting the VR bugs, because it is omitting bugs with more votes, and some of the ones retained are named in a way which is not what they are reported for. This is the 3rd or 4th time in a row it doesn’t change. Does ii means there is no need to report VR bugs anymore?


Not only nothing substantial, but a hot load of steaming crud! Swept under the rug and ignored. It seems our bug is listed as ‘under investigation’ with a timeframe of ‘ASAP’ in this development update. So absolutely no new developments, absolutely nothing has changed since a week ago when our lovely CM royal tot gave us the ever so helpful response of ‘our statement is that we are working on it’. Wow thanks Tot! One step closer to getting back to the baseline performance I had two patches ago! Thanks for this wonderful dev update team!


Under investigation/Timeframe ASAP. Am I missing something? Isn’t that a good thing? Investigating the issues and trying to come up with a fix ASAP. That’s what I want to hear from a developer.


Perhaps this would be encouraging if this was day 2 of this bug? but its been weeks. Depending on your system and where you are trying to fly it becomes completely unplayable. How has this not been addressed further at this point? The devs have nothing else to pass on to the CM’s? There has been no information or updates whatsoever other than ‘we are investigating’. So does that mean we should conclude that they have made no tangible progress towards fixing the issue? No, sorry, thats not a good thing. Actually the mods got so tired of pruning the threads about this issue that they setup this thread 2 days ago -

As you can see, nothing since the thread was opened. I am hoping for more progress towards a game breaking bug at this point in the games release. How is this not an ‘all hands on deck’ type of scenario? if it is it surely doesn’t seem that way from what we have been told. ‘We are investigating/ASAP’ means absolutely nothing to me other than hopefully it will be fixed in the next combined WU/SU. Hopefully I’ll able to use my sim again in 4-6 weeks!


Wait a second… are you telling me the 10° heading bug is now delayed a FOURTH time now from World Update 4 to 2021!?

This is a slap in the face for all of us with honeycomb devices or any other device with an always on switch.

This is getting ridiculous.


To be fair, its pretty meaningless isn’t it? It lacks detail. ASAP could mean anything. How about something detailing what they have found thus far? This Development update seems more like a way to pretend your development is open, but its just smoke and mirrors at this point as far as I can tell. More of an ad for the Market place than anything of any real substance.


Folks, this is development … you know … things in progress. If they are too general, people blame them for not being too detailed. If they provide details and things change, people are upset that “promises were made”.

They are doing / communicating what they can given all of the priorities that they have, bugs, etc. We get a weekly update that let’s us know what their focus is, acknowledgement(s) of issues/bugs, and next releases(s) to be looking forward to. When we have an actual release, most of the recent release notes are fairly detailed to let us know what was changed.


The feedback snapshots doesn’t match the web-friendly version.

On the Development Roadmap issued on 4 February mention was made of a prospective release of Sim Update 4 for late April - 27 April. This has quietly disappeared from the latest update.

In the Dev Blog Jorg said they would move it to incorporate with World Update 5. It is more likely than not that it will be a couple of months after World Update 4 so that would put it sometime in June.

If that is the case we have quite a wait for Performance and the 10 for 1 incrementing issue to be addressed further unless they push out a Hotfix in the meantime.

Let’s hope they address the 10 for 1 issue with World Update 4 as originally planned.

On a final note they have reduced the expectation by blocking rather than specifying a date so where WU4 was planned for 4 April it could now be delivered sometime between 1 April and 10 April as that would best define Early April. Mid would be 11 to 20 April and late 21 to 31 April. IMO.

Should be fixed now. Apologies on the delay.

Apologies I am not quite understanding what has been swept under the rug and ignored? It sounds like you think we’re not aware and not working on it. It also sounds like you’re frustrated. I can sympathize with both sentiments. Please believe that I am doing my best to be as transparent as possible in all instances. I understand that my transparency may not be enough at times. That the community wishes for me and the team to give more concrete/ less political answers. I understand and by no means are we doing so with ill intent.


ATC phraseology matches FAA? FAA is so far away from standard ICAO phraseology used in the rest of the world :unamused:.

I guess hPa instead of inHg and correct transition altitudes are very distant future…


@RoyalTot We don’t need more transparency on issues, you guys are doing a fantastic job with the constraints you have.

Some people need to learn that they’re not the centre of the universe and to wait and get in line.


Surely #5 and #23 should be combined - and potentially also combined with #10 (Dreadful performance)? These must all be effectively the same thing - albeit I get that there may be a number of fixes and improvements to be made, but that’s 3 slots out of the top 24 taken on the same issue. Also if the votes are combined, guess what jumps up to number 1 on the list…

Also #12 pxelated clouds - “Under Investigation, WU III”…which was a couple of weeks ago??

It does feel like sometimes these aren’t proof read before they go out and own goals like these just provide fuel to those who want to point the finger at Asobo