Discussion: March 18th, 2021 Development Update

Excessive icing is going to be fixed by an “OFF OPTION”? Seriously?

Instead of making it more visually realistic, lets give them option to switch it of completely.

That is like: If you don’t like it, you can go … yourself.

That is not very happy solution in my point of view.


After providing a workaround.
Seriously, do you think such allegations that they’d hold back relevant information help in any way?

To be brutally frank I do not have anywhere close to your faith in MS and Asobo’s willingness to be honest and open with the community about issues and problems - and this goes back to the beta.


This has nothing to do with being the center of a universe. It’s about fixing a product that people paid a lot of money for, is currently unusable for many, and quite frankly should not have been released and advertised as a finished product, but rather a beta. Asobo isn’t doing us a favor here


I said I wouldn’t bite but the bait got the better of me.

Again, you’re using an “I’m the centre of the universe attitude”. If you don’t like how Asobo are handling things get a refund and move on. If you can’t, well you should have exercised a little more patience.

Why must Asobo bow to anyone’s way of thinking and processing other than their own is nuts. They were the ones spending millions of investment even before you rocked up with your measly $100 and demanded a AAA title like a fat kid in a chocolate factory.

Did they drop the ball on release, sure! But what gives anyone the right to question their build capabilities. At least they’re pushing boundaries unlike another title that sat with their hands in the cookie jar for 10 years. Seriously, 2D cloud sprites and cardboard trees is where we were before MSFS came along.

Asobo and Microsoft are listening and actively working on issues, it’s going to take time and patience from both sides of the table.

The performance issue is really becoming very frustrating. I really don’t get it. One day is fine and one day is not fine. I hope they address this issue soon though

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hello Hurcn30, think the problem here is, Asobo has promised us everything, new flight model, new weather engine, most realistic, authentic, highly detailed aircraft, state of the art aerodynamic modellinng etc etc.
after launch it came out it is far from that. now we have 7 months later, Asobo does a lot of talking, development updates but all we get is push back’ed promises. not one major issue is resolved since sim launch. in fact, some issues got worse instead of better (frame rate for example). people paid a lot of money but we do not see Asobo willing to resolve issues. they work on scenery updates thats what we get. most other mods come from the community.
at the moment it looks like that Asobo grabs the Community mods and integrates them in the sim, so that they have not to program that themselves. its great the communuity does this but this work should be done by the manufactor, not the community. sorry to say, looks like the original said timeframe of 10 years support will be needed to iron out issues.

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“fourth”… Is the correct spelling if you want to shout

I don’t really think telling people who spent hard-earned money that they shouldn’t expect a decent product is a good strategy. Let’s take a look at the facts. We were sold a flight simulator. What have we got?

*Intermittenly working autopilot systems
*Flight dynamics and flight model issues
*Buggy weather and ATIS
*Terrain issues (Which, this is supposed to be MSFS bread and butter).
*FMS is woefully undercapable.

I have hope for this sim, but 7 months in critizing the consumers is a bit out of touch, really. We are the customers. $120 is a lot of money to some people. Asobo is supposed to provide us a quality product. Now a significant chunk of the user base can’t even fly.

I simply do not understand why anyone would side with Asobo over the consumer on this one, but I’m always the one fighting for consumer rights and protection.


You are absolutely correct. I share your dismay at those who continue to defend them.

In the retail business, the consumer is " the center of the universe". And I am pretty sure, will the sales of MSFS 2020, Asobo has made their investment back plus some. our “measly” $100 does give the right for people who are experiencing problems time and time again, to question the process of the development. Asobo is in business to make money. They didn’t invest out of the goodness of their hearts, or as charity. Without customers, there is no product to sell. I believe that they are working hard trying to solve these issues. And patience is needed. Just don’t use the argument that the customer regardless of how much they spent, should be grateful. It’s the other way around actually.


Weirdly there are two separate performance issues but are both discussed in each thread confusingly.

I’m also so glad I missed the Ed Sheeran chart.

Thanks @RoyalTot extra details greatly appreciated.

They never promised anything! They only showed you great video and amazing screenshots. What you infer from that is your own perception.

To question their process you are right, everyone has the right to question. To go on a “witch hunt” is where I believe it should stop!

You were never sold anything, you were shown a few video clips, screenshots and text outlining a working ATC (for example) in the scenario that worked for their edge case. Anything you infer from that is your own perception.

A lot of the consumer issues you’re fighting for are down to the mis configuration of their hardware. You’re forgetting that Windows 10 has bugs that impact the performance of FS2020. Who would be to blame in that scenario and where should you be pointing your pitchforks?

How big is the difference?? I never felt it was such an earth shattering difference that when I fly outside of USA, I couldn’t communicate anymore.

Please share some concrete show stopping example. hPA, inHg is not related to phraseology, it’s simply the system not built to support those. Similar to different flight levels threshold in different countries.

The customer should be grateful. Try building a simulator for yourself under $10,000 today in our world. You wouldn’t even get passed the design phase for that amount and you’d still be trying to learn “modelling wind” 6 months into the build.

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I love how you think someone voicing a concern and pointing out its legitimacy is “bait” and “I’m the center of the universe” mentality. If you can’t handle someone critiquing the new sim, then perhaps the forums aren’t for you. That’s basically the point of their existence. I really don’t know how else to explain to you that this has nothing to do with the world revolving around me or asobo doing things “my way”. First of all, asobo didn’t spend “millions”. Microsoft did. Asobo was hired to do the job. Second of all, what difference does that make? A company investing resources into a product doesn’t free it from criticism, particularly when it’s sold prematurely.

Just because I only gave them my “measly” $100 and they invested “millions” (again, it doesn’t seem you grasp how this works), I’m not allowed to join others in our frustration of the product without being accused of being a narcissist? What “gives someone the right to question their build?” It seems you clearly have no idea how the rea world works. The fact that we are customers, and no, that doesn’t mean we think the universe revolves around us. It means we expect a product to perform a certain way and not like a mid stage beta. I seriously cannot believe I have to explain this, it’s pretty ridiculous