Discussion: March 25th, 2021 Development Update

I’m downloading the patch.

FS2020 just got updated.

East Coast, USA

It should be


Still not seeing it on steam here. Even just restarted and relaunched nothing…

Fames are back but now I’m getting a hard pause every 30 seconds, consistently.


At least I can fly now…

Roger roger…Makes sense…I’m showing V

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76T is fixed but now we have hard pause every 30 seconds?

this may happen during initial loading… give the sim some time to stabilize…

I have. I’ve sat here for 10 minutes, using a stopwatch to measure the intervals. Keep in mind, this is just me. YMMV

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Have you given your PC a restart?

“Hello, IT department, have you turned it off and on again?”

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Did you log out and reboot your computer after the download?

2 fps mostly!

Restart. That’s a good idea…lol…I should know that by now…

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Haha you’re forgiven, given all the excitement!

What I’m most curious about it to hear reports from people with formerly great FPS who got tanked to under 20 by SU3 and see if it improved their performance and by how much.

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Given the update is only applied on the MSFS executable file, it was obviously a bug on the CODE… not the nav data, terrain, etc…

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That doesn’t draw that conclusion. The code may need to change because the data has changed in some way. No one knows except Asobo!

The simulator directed to the MS Store to take a ‘mandatory’ update which is around 1.03GB. I really wonder how it will affect. Fingers crossed.

Any of y’all gotten the update yet for Steam?

I’ve decided to take some comparison screenshots over the Miami area while I’m still running Lots of stutters for me around that area at the moment.


Steam still stays silent. Did they also update new products for MarketPlace this week?