Discussion: March 25th, 2021 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

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Everyone keeping their powder dry? :sunglasses::v:


Could we have the patchnotes before release please?


Eager about the performance patch, if it will fix the issues…gutted for not getting the rtx 3080 :joy:

I’m happy to see some kind of performance fix is available tomorrow! I hope it truly does work. A little nervous since it says “to help address some of these issues”. Leads me to think it improves (which is great) but not truly solves the issue. But we’ll find out tomorrow!

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Jorg was apparently going to comment on this, but that seems to be absent?


" The following issues will be addressed:

  • Performance optimizations when flying close to large airports such as Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW)
  • Performance optimizations of server requests when in the menus and during flight"

Well, that seems to leave out the biggest problem - people not able to get over single digit performance.

Looks like I won’t be flying until the next update.

Then again, this is exactly what I expected. Sometimes I hate being right.



LOL thats the spirit…keep your fingers crossed and remember dance around the yard tonight 1/2 naked around the camp fire , and sacrafice a goat, chicken, and a pig.

Oh yeah I almost forgot the magic chant … ‘owatafooweare’


Wouldn’t it be wise to wait until after the patch is out to judge whether it fixes a problem or not?


I hope this does the trick. Sadly I don’t really have my hopes up.


They said what problems they addressed, and sorry it dont sound like the same problems alot of us are having…


I am keeping an open mind until I have seen what performance this fix brings.

However, it does appear to be a just a sticky plaster over a large wound.

I have no doubt however that if we are having these issues on or computers, someone at Asobo must also, so surely they know this is unacceptable?

I can’t shake the feeling that Asobo is trying to build the engine whilst trying to fly the plane…and we are the passengers.


@Jummivana I think this update is not appearing on the front page of the website, I tried to log out, clear browser cache and view it in a different browser and it’s not working. A direct link (March 25th, 2021 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator) is working though.

Thanks for the update!


Have you downloaded and tried it already. While I don’t want to rule out that you may actually be right in the end, it’s too early to be too deterministic, or?


For me the online connectivity is what’s killing my FPS, as soon as I disable Online FPS goes back up again to normal and reenabling online will kill fps again.

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We’ve reached new heights here, complaining about the patch before it’s even been released!


I get the feeling that the performance issues (single digit fps) line up nicely with the server request issues.
This would explain why so many of us weren’t/aren’t experiencing those drop offs. Same as why I get weather and you don’t and why my downloads avg 150Mbps and yours 15.

I’ll reserve any judgement until the patch is installed.


Seems like a bunch of different performance issues affecting everyone differently. In my case disabling all online functionality changes nothing and even going to the lowest graphics options makes no difference, still stutters constantly. My dad’s older computer (Xeon X5650 @ 4.2ghz, 16gb, gtx 1060) doesn’t seem to have as much of an issue, although it’s still there. Strange indeed.

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" The following issues will be addressed:

  • Performance optimizations when flying close to large airports such as Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW)

I almost get stuttering every time I touch down even on small airports,
well… l guess we will see tomorrow …