Discussion: March 25th, 2021 Development Update

I really hope you’re right. I would be so happy to be proven very, very wrong here.


Its got to be the 26th in france by now, where’s the patch, we want the patch, give us the patch already…

What too soon.

For me that’s the case and it’s easy to test if that’s your case. Just disable Online in your data settings and apply, if the FPS jumps back up then that’s your issue.

I dont know I have the probem(s) but I almost always have good live weather…as well as if I go offline sometimes it will clear up and sometimes it wont … only time will tell …

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

You do not want the patch BubbaBlitz…the voting is in and at least 70% here are sure it’s gonna suck!

Let’s first get the torches and pitchforks out and after that we decide who to chase out of the village!


LOL 71% … but I’ll be optimistic until it gets released ;p

While I’m sure the patch won’t solve all the issues for everybody…I’m equally sure Asobo et al did their best to make it better.


Well, I am looking forward to tomorrows patch. :slight_smile:

When are usually available for download? This will be the first one that I am off work for and will be able to get at release?

I’m hoping it’ll resolve some of the issues. Hopefully some long-standing issues as well. It remains to be seen.

I’m going to get it as soon as I see it is released. I work from home. I can get the download started and then give it a test run :slight_smile:

I live in CT zone, and I usually see the download between 10:00am-noon.

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The server related ones seem like a likely cause for the big drops. Thanks Asobo for the fix!

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One side of me believes that they fixed the problem.
The other side of me believes it could be VW story like the Diesel story? Hope it is the first half?

I’ll let this play out and see what happens. My biggest problems are around big airports, even some good small airports…

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Is this something that is officially acknowledged? I am definitely having this issue. I have been pushing AT&T quite hard on this and they have been very helpful to upgrade my equipment, but I am still getting terrible download speed from the MSFS servers. I am getting +500Mbps from Steam and ~20Mbps from MS. MSFS support only tells me to turn of IPv6 and check if my ISP is throttling my traffic. I have never heard from them that they have a “server request issue”.

Completely false.
I still get single digits fps with all data turned off. So no server to blame.


@CooganBear, so Asobo/MS has it all wrong. Clearly they have the wrong people running the team charged with developing this patch. They are fixing the wrong thing.

Fire up your resource monitor while “Data is off” and monitor network traffic. Clearly the sim is still communicating with the cloud.

I am no expert, otherwise I would work for them too, but when the code is waiting for a server response to continue a thread I expect there would be a resource eating loop runaway on the cpu that would result in a drop off of frame draws being sent to the gpu and a corresponding spike in cpu load. Anybody notice that during a fps drop/stutter?

I just reviewed your post history. Curiosity if nothing else. You have not managed one constructive post. That in itself is quite a feat. Please try to control your apparently uncontrollable urge to bash any user you disagree with and let’s wait to see if the developer has maybe managed to fix one of your obvious peeves with the sim. Who knows you may begin to enjoy your MSFS experience.


If you were an expert, you would not work for them. :rofl:

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There are other programs running under Windows that could be generating
network traffic.