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Please use this thread to discuss the recent Hotfix update for March 2nd, 2021.

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  • Fixed the flaps issue that was introduced in World Update 3
  • Fixed the photogrammetry for Southampton and Portsmouth

Developer mode

  • Fixed Scenery Editor crashes when loading BGLs with Projected Meshes
  • Fixed BGL backward compatibility issue with light rows

For those who manually edited their files as a workaround to the flap issue, please see this post.


Please note you will not see the usual “update” screen when launching Microsoft Flight Simulator, instead the client is updated with the required files. If you are having issues please try:

Another workaround for the Windows Store if an update is not prompting:

  • Go to the Windows Store app on your PC.
  • Search for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Select the Standard version of the sim. This will trigger an update to the latest version.

You’re able to check if you have the latest version by examining your MSFS version at the top of the game window (ALT + Tab). This should read

Once you’ve ALT + Tabbed to view your version, it should look like this image


For me, the Hotfix is approximately 1.3GB. This is because I edited the flaps files by hand while waiting for the hotfix and two of those planes were the C152 and the TBM930.

It only updates the C152 and TBM930, which are the base planes for any version of the sim (Standard, Deluxe, Premium).

Since Asobo kindly gave us a heads-up the Hotfix was coming (thanks!) I manually deleted all my planes using Content Manager, and re-downloaded them after the hot fix was installed.

This is only because I manually edited the flaps files while awaiting the hotfix.

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I’m confused… does the hotfix not fix the issue for the other planes? Their info says it fixes the flaps issue.

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It probably does. I deleted all my planes prior to the hotfix coming down. It was just a precaution. You’re probably fine.

Does anyone know if this has also fixed the incompatibility with the Orbx London City pack? I noticed on Marketplace that the imagery looks different, and there are now zero ratings, but the version history still shows November 2020??

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The hotfix addresses all of the planes included with the sim - base, premium, and deluxe. If you made changes to any of these aircraft regarding the flap issue, you should delete the folder within your Community or Official folder and launch the game to re-download these files through content manager. You can also do the same directly within content manager. If you made no changes the aircrafts should receive the fix normally (I removed one community flap fix and did nothing else, for example).


Excessive taxiway lights issue is not solved yet?

That falls into Orbx’s court for updating their scenery, which I believe they are in the process of.

Folks, please read the notes on the first post in this thread. It captures exactly what was in the hotfix. If it ain’t listed there, then it’s still TBD.


They have done on their central site - but as I bought from Marketplace it is down to Asobo to update it now…

Is it just me or is the 787 dreamliner taxiing better after update?

I am confused, because an SDK issue is fixed regarding this issue… So every 3rd party dev should recompile in order to remove these lights?

Then no - there was no marketplace update today as far as I’m aware. Check back this Thursday :slight_smile:

Yay Just in time just got done setting up new PSU .Hope everything works. Installing the update :slight_smile:

Is the hotfix available only via the Microsoft store and not via the simulator?

This hotfix is coming through the MS Store if you have the MS Store version.

Curious to hear first feedback on the new, de-bugged flight model. I’m at work now and can’t test it out… I wonder if they simply applied the workaround, or removed the bit of flight model that was introduced unintentionally in the last update…

Having flown around a bit already, the planes’ flap lift feels normal once again. :slight_smile:


The flight model is now the same as before the world update I believe, they simply reverted.