Discussion: November 19th, 2020 Development Update

They’ll explain it next week. Bigger updates with more stuff and better testing (longer period between them) it seems


Hold up, did they just confirm they are doing a Korean world update in 2022?

Time to start up a UK world update thread and endlessly bump it.


preety good now you said… winds, directions, temps, etc etc… nothing to match from real data outside… sorry, lets hope they fix this finally…


NOW this is an UPDATE!!!

Thank you @Jummivana and Asobo – love the amount of details and super excited for the much needed North American update on Tuesday… if we could get a more defined answer on making the visuals even better (especially after the last couple of patches seem to have hindered those with high end machines from going even further), I’d be ecstatic.

I’m sure some will not be happy with helicopters not coming until 2022… but doesn’t bother me.

Thought the interview from Jorg was really great and informative.


I agree weather can be improved but it’s not “broke” and wish people we’d ease up a bit on this… if the weather is a few mins old, it’s not the end of the world.

I’d rather see non-melted buildings and actual downtown landscapes render fully when departing or arriving… but that’s just my opinion.

Excited for the NA update on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.


These two Wishlist threads have been missing from the Feedback Snapshot for at least two weeks. Can they please be addressed, even if the answer is “Not Planned”?


By the way, how comes this didn’t make it to the feedback snapshot despite being top voted? Any ideas @Jummivana? Thank you


Well, other places in the world still got bing data from 5 years ago, 90% of the Maldive airports are missing. Not sure what you mean by much needed.


And a new plane is released I can see in this development update. Piper PA-44 of Carenado. Maybe they also fix the Mooney in the coming update?


Interesting that they refer to it as the NA update. Previously they have called it the USA update.
Will Mexico and Canada get some love as well?


I concur. I only notice significantly wrong issues in high altitude airports (where I’m 90% sure there’s an MSL-AGL-MSL conversion error), but otherwise the weather is pretty bang on, and the data fidelity is MILES better than any ActiveSky/REX injection I’ve ever seen for P3D or FSX.

I really don’t think Asobo should open the weather engine up, especially if doing so means limiting the capabilities of the weather engine.


Multi display support - “2021-2022” :frowning:


Agreed! It definitely isn’t close to completely broken and the actual weather engine works great. The injection isn’t perfect but most of the time it’s at least close.

I’d like to see building LOD improved tho.


Not positive but will follow up with Asobo on the missing threads. Thanks for pointing out!


I’ll bet it’ll be 2021 for the initial one, then more in depth per display tweaking and such for 2022.

Obviously that’s just a guess

Loving the details! I’m confused by the changing terminology. AGAIN.

World Update 1 is “Update 3” and World Update 2 is “Update 7”. So where is “Sim Update 1”? Does it correspond to anything? Only Sim Update 2 and beyond are listed.

Could we please have more clear, consistent, and DEFINED terms (as in, actually explain what the term “backlog” means vs “Planned”) so everyone can be on the same page?

I don’t want accuse anyone of moving the goalposts here, but its hard not to get that impression when the wording on snapshots, bug list, wish list, etc. keep changing.

It all makes for a rather “non committal” timeline. You could say its “Evolving” or “Iterating”, however it results in us all having a pretty opaque understanding and increases difficulty in tracking the genuine progress of bugs and features.


I mean exactly what I said. The much needed USA update.

Agreed, I noticed that too – I wouldn’t hold my breath, but maybe we’ll be surprised!

But why, what is missing there, you can find everywhere else?

Thank you so much for putting dates and goals on some of most wanted items like Turboprops and Helicopters.

While 2022 is still far off, I guess it’s better to get fixed wing aircraft up to speed, before moving to rotary wing. Great to hear that ATC phraseology is planned to be worked on. Overall very promising.

Keep it up and stay healthy.