Discussion: November 19th, 2020 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

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It looks like the devs are making bigger updates every 2-3 months instead of smaller less tested ones.

I support that, and it’s probably easier in terms of COVID work from home. Looks like most of the feature requests have dates now, even if they are distant.

Trains in 2022-2023. (I love that they put a date on that :joy:)

" We are also very happy to confirm that Aerosoft continues to make good progress with the CRJ and we are increasingly hopeful that this plane can be released before the holidays." This looks good tho, first study level aircraft should hold us over for the bug fixes


I noticed many of the changes are now designated for “Sim Update 3.” When is “Sim Update 3”?

Is “Sim Update 3” scheulded for February?

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We’ll see the dates the next dev update. They are putting more fixes in each update but having a longer period between them, so they should be better tested!

It could get delayed though, since the devs are quarantined


open up for weather system for developers - NOT PLANNED !!.. This is a shame…


By the way, some fix for the night lighting will be coming next week or not? Because last week was scheduled to be for update 7

Update 7 is next week. That hasn’t changed

Nope, I want it to be closed but Asobo should fix it. I am super happy to have less applications running aside the sim


The actual engine is insanely good. The rendering and volumetrics are great.

Just the data injection, which they are working on finishing the fixing (its pretty good now, but still a few more bugs to go)


Hope nose wheel steering is addressed. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and an happy with it for my casual FS use, but it would be nice if I had better control of the plane on the ground.


I not fully understand what is Sim Update 2/3/4?


They’ll explain it next week. Bigger updates with more stuff and better testing (longer period between them) it seems


Hold up, did they just confirm they are doing a Korean world update in 2022?

Time to start up a UK world update thread and endlessly bump it.


preety good now you said… winds, directions, temps, etc etc… nothing to match from real data outside… sorry, lets hope they fix this finally…


NOW this is an UPDATE!!!

Thank you @Jummivana and Asobo – love the amount of details and super excited for the much needed North American update on Tuesday… if we could get a more defined answer on making the visuals even better (especially after the last couple of patches seem to have hindered those with high end machines from going even further), I’d be ecstatic.

I’m sure some will not be happy with helicopters not coming until 2022… but doesn’t bother me.

Thought the interview from Jorg was really great and informative.


I agree weather can be improved but it’s not “broke” and wish people we’d ease up a bit on this… if the weather is a few mins old, it’s not the end of the world.

I’d rather see non-melted buildings and actual downtown landscapes render fully when departing or arriving… but that’s just my opinion.

Excited for the NA update on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.


These two Wishlist threads have been missing from the Feedback Snapshot for at least two weeks. Can they please be addressed, even if the answer is “Not Planned”?


By the way, how comes this didn’t make it to the feedback snapshot despite being top voted? Any ideas @Jummivana? Thank you


Well, other places in the world still got bing data from 5 years ago, 90% of the Maldive airports are missing. Not sure what you mean by much needed.