Discussion: October 15th, 2020 Development Update

According to the road map it is a dev update, with the big update on the 27th


The following topic has 549 votes and should be placed as #2 of the top bugs list.

How come that the live weather inaccuracies are totally ignored despite the large discussion around this topic and people fleeing to workaround solutions like Unreal Weather or REX Skyforce?


I don’t work on the development of the snapshot graphics, sorry.

Edit: I have dropped a link to your question in ~places~. I’m not sure when I will hear something due to time zone issues over the next couple of days, but hopefully we will get an answer here for you shortly.


Of course! That helps a lot, thank you :slight_smile: Gotta make a mental note to stop asking the same questions over and over again lol

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Looks great! I am very happy to have the tall building fixed (if it isn’t for you, make sure to update in content manager, and if that didn’t work there was a folder you could delete to force it to update if it hasn’t, someone said smth about that earlier).

Sim is really progressing now, small well tested patches are the way to go!


Wow. I’d dint think it would be that easy. Thank you so much!!!

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It’s hard for me to imagine how there’s so much stuff marked as “backlog”. Asobo, can’t you just hire about 5 more world class devs to help with the load? In fact, there are some brilliant community folks here already making mods that - I believe - could step right in and help with a lot of these issues.

Please reach out and hire (or contract) some more resources!


Well that was Ironic…

Asobo has job opportunities list on their website which I was going to link here in case anyone was interested. I went to the webpage and it threw an Internal Server Error (HTTP 500)


Thanks for taking care, since I believe this topic is important for quite some people.

However, what do you mean by ~places~?

Ha…maybe they need a web dev too! :joy: :joy:

Lol. They’ve had enough of the sh*ttalking on the forums. Whoever typed this, I feel for you.


Anytime. :slight_smile:

I’m a (junior) web dev looking for a job, I’ll keep an eye out :stuck_out_tongue:

I have sent the question to the community managers.


It would be quite ineffective not to make use of the freeware resources created by groups like WorkingTitle and instead start all over again.

I hope Asobo is already in contact with them to find some kind of cooperation.

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Backlog doesn’t mean nothing is being done. It means they have to timeframe yet for when it will be fixed. In many cases, they haven’t yet isolated the issue to patch it, I imagine.


How do you land it without pitch authority?


Yep, I understand that. But it also means they don’t have enough resources to help isolate the issue and then fix it.

No worries; I just feel for them…they need some help. :slight_smile:

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They have around 200 programmers and we don’t really know their resources.

It is safe to assume MS isn’t giving Asobo unlimited money for a patching crew. Asobo has limited manpower, and things take time to isolate and patch.

No reason to put ten people on an issue to patch it until it has been isolated. They are better off patching things that have been located.

Update 9 with be before 5 months at the rate they have been coming. 5 is scheduled two weeks from now. So how did you get 5 months? lol


I love the fact they mention that 5 new items added to market place today, then proceed to show a screen grab of said 5, did they not notice tivet is a duplicate, do they also not proof read there news updates / press releases?

Maybe the people responsible for the media side of things are also the ones working on the sim? :joy::joy: