Discussion: October 22nd, 2020 Development Update

So what computer and settings setup do I need to achieve the quality as shown in these videos? Or are they unachievable without using a development build?


Or it could be the sim is running more smoothly now so its less people to complain about CTDs and such. I think the known issues has be pointed out more than enough. No need to keep beating a dead horse. Now we just sit back and wait on them to be fixed.


Much better Dev update. Fix the issues listen to the community who will keep you in your jobs!

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I did. Yesterday over Portugal on my way to Vigo. This morning on Vigo and on my way to Madrid. And this afternoon on Madrid and on my way to Gibraltar.

We had a storm over Madrid today. But the rest of the lightings shouldn’t be there. Even the storm over Madrid didn’t lasted for so long as in the sim

Good question! I think they’ll be available in the #halloween-livery-contest channel on Discord.

What update? Where is it at, not we are planning to try and fix something

[quote="[UPDATE] October 22nd, 2020 Development Update News and Announcements, post:1, topic:306352"]
“I’m more than happy they’re making an effort to keep the development process open, and to give us updates about the progress. I’d say keep publishing updates on a weekly basis.” - Avsim user You got it! You’ve heard us say it a thousand times, “This is just the beginning,”

The beginning was back in August, and every development update insinuates they are listening, but with every patch they release, they break more and more of the game. Asobo is no further ahead as they keep going backwards. When are they going to make a concerted effort and listen to the community? They say they are listening, but seems all the 3rd party developers and modders are saying otherwise with no communication or input. We get fancy pictures and videos which we’ve now seen for the past year and know what the sim is capable of and offers, but the gameplay itself is instead becoming more unplayable. Hoping for the best, but become more and more disappointed with each patch release and lack of effort. Quit biting the hand that feeds when the community is providing feedback to help and support the sim.


I love that muti-monitor support is showing backlog with partial work. I hope that it makes it’s way into changes with dx12 as that would be perfect timing.

Read the bold headline please. It says “Discussion: October 22nd, 2020 Development Update” in large, bold letters, and in English too!


I’m excited about the Beta version option that is planned to come in Update 9. Something I’ve been asking for since release day. However, I hope the major bugs will be fixed by this update and the ‘stable’ version will be really stable, or it will risk the Beta version working much better.

It would be a win-win situation for both those who don’t want to wait to try new features and for those who just want a stable version to play without too many problems

“New samples (windsock and bears) have been added to the SDK.”

I am stoked.

Not give up on the sim, just give up on the forums. I used to come a few times a day, now maybe once every few days. The overall negativity just was just getting my mood down. Many of my friends also quit the forum for exactly the same reason.


The trick is to just limit yourself to the Aircraft and the Self Service groups.

In there you’ll find people actually being constructive and doing something, instead of the Community section where much of the moaning and crying happens, or the endless rehashing of the same issues.

The Working Title folks, and the people behind mods like the G36, DA40/62 (just to name a few) are doing great work and they are a net positive for this community.


So… what’s actually getting fixed in update 5? Everything looks like it’s still WIP…


Said that key west airport was updated this week, but not yet in the marketplace. !

Anyone going to mention the screenshot they picked as the header to the development update is actually stupid, how is an A320 at Lukla??? I’ve literally stood on the tarmac at the airport and this just looks hideous? Our updates look like 1. Remove ANY key :sweat_smile: , 2. Remove tooltips :joy: , 3. Imperial to Metric :rofl: ?


They (Microsoft) literally tweeted a video of someone landing an A320 at that exact airport just days before this dev update.

Garmin and autopilot issues scheduled for update 9?

That’s a long time to go.

I am very excited for the new Fx system.
Keep up the good work.

Update 9, a Christmas gift from the devs?

Nope. Go over to the other forums like avsim and its as busy as it was before. What has changed is fewer people coming to these forums due to the toxic nature of the comments, rehashing the same topics over, constant complaining with no constructive feedback etc.

Its to be expected people will tire of that and go elsewhere for their flightsim discussion fix.