Discussion: October 22nd, 2020 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

Use this thread to discuss the development update.


Honestly, I like what I’m seeing and hearing. It gives me confidence that the devs and the community are intertwined (as opposed to the FSX days of “take it or leave it” software).

I’m looking forward to the devs answering our questions in the Q&A next week.


I see several weather issues, “LIve Weather and Wind Readings are not Accurate” (Partially fixed/no release scheduled) and “Live Weather Issues” (Partially Fixed/no release scheduled).

Not sure how many issues could be covered in those… but I’m happy to see forward progress. Thanks!

The lightning issue is still under investigation. But personally I have not experience any in my recent flights. So as someone theorized perhaps you have to have a storm somewhere in the vicinity, not necessarily close by, to have it show up.

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This is one of those topics (weather) that the devs plan on addressing more in depth on the live stream next week!


Terrific update! Thank you. And yes! Gib surprises moar! That airliner at Lukla though :rofl: Thanks for the laugh


I’m the one who started the Q&A request for the weather question topic.

The community is quite passionate about its weather… if you haven’t noticed :laughing:

We look forward to learning everything we can, and the devs are willing to tell us, about it next week.


Make sure to post your Halloween liveries on the Discord! The winner gets his/her livery featured during the stream (aka I’ll be flying with it) :slight_smile:


I have been flying online with a friend and we both get different weather at the same locations most of the time. We make sure all out settings are the same and we even group up. We are both on the same regional server as well.

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I hope that once the beta test team is in place, Asobo can pick up the pace of fixes and new features in future patches. The beta testing team should be able to root out the major bugs, which will allow Asobo to get more aggressive in deploying fixes and adding new features.


The list of questions in the Q&A for next week is growing, some really great Q’s in the list. Will be a very interesting hour! Especially weather.
Weather is what makes every flight different.


a bit concerned about the “not started” of the Longitude’s problèms. Hope they plan to Start soonish

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Hopefully the update next week will fix the KSFO (as well as other airports) bug that got introduced in the last patch. This appears to be affect us who purchased the Premium Deluxe edition. :sob: :sob:


Seems like a bunch of users are giving up. This thread would have had hundreds of replies already just a few weeks ago.

I for one will not give up as I believe the game will become a sim one day. However its obvious just by looking at the level of engagement that many have given up, or at least been ran off for voicing their opinions.

Night lighting improvements are welcomed and would be nice, but still missing improvements with avionics and aircraft performance and I believe that is another problem making simmers give up on this platform unfortunately. Microsobo needs to put 90% of their effort into either fixing the aircraft, or just hammer out the SDK so professionals can finish the great work they have done so far.


Yes, I wanted to fly to KSFO, but was unable to program it into the FMC. I’m on the Premium Deluxe edition.

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Will the liveries be shared?

I sure hope so, because it does feel a bit slow. Happy to see they’re committed, just wish it was a bit faster.

Many have given up. I’ve noticed that too. Seems like a huge decrease in user comments.


So what is planned for updates 6, 7, and 8?

I was hoping we would get more insight into other items that are being worked beyond ‘everything you all voted on is backlog.’

Very curious to learn what items are more important than some of the items in the feedback summary.


That’s one of the key q’s for the Q&A. Feel free to vote up.

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So they will still be releasing patches every two weeks? I wish there would be a longer time between each patch.