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Am I missing something here, even if the Graphics have been downgraded, which is debabatable, its the best graphics than any other flightsim on the Market…in my opionion

I use userconfig.opt to greatly increase my LODs, hence my CPU performance in yellow… not a spike to be had. My pic isn’t alone with this :slight_smile: A lot of people posted before and after pics before the update showing poor performance. I’ve seen them all in this forum. And the befores are generally “spike” free

Like I say no expert…so if you did have those spikes you would notice…it be unflyable or a game changer

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Oh yeah, I had them with the update, and if they don’t bother the guy who has them, its not an issue

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Fair enough :ok_hand:

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I would normally agree, but I had great performance before sim update 3, and now I have poor performance, and the only thing I changed recently was my video driver. And yes, before you ask, I DID revert back to the previous driver and the poor performance in the sim is still present. (Oddly enough, most of my other games, especially VR games, saw a noticeable improvement with the latest nVidia driver.) I don’t run anything special in my system tray or on startup, specifically because I know that stuff can introduce variables in game performance, so there’s nothing in that area to be a consideration either.


After a few days with the patch, I must say that live weather that was broken for me (restart after every flight or workaround with turning live weather when in aircraft) is somehow fixed. Sometimes I get default weather (clear skies, 3 kts winds) on my first flight, but I feel that it’s something connected with developer mode (it always happens when it’s on).

As for performance, it’s way better. I get stable 50 FPS on i7 7700k, 1080Ti. I was brave and tried VR lately, but it’s unplayable for me. I have Oculus CV1, and clarity is… actually, there is no clarity. Buttons in small aircraft - no way to read the text on it. Information about next waypoint etc. (at the top of the glass) - no way. It may be a problem with the headset itself (and it certainly is), but performance-wise it’s a drama too. I couldn’t get a smooth experience, and I read many “this is the last VR guide you need, smooth as butter!” guides and nothing helped. 40 FPS is max what I’ve got, and I couldn’t read altimeter on glass. Basically, upgrading the headset to G2 wouldn’t make any difference and because it would be an even bigger stutter fest (higher base resolution).

Well if those little black lines are stutters they didn’t affect my journey from Cyprus
South Africa
South Africa

For my eyes the sim was very smooth indeed. People I think must stop looking at black little lines but trust their eyes. Anyway take care

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Exactly my experience too! Both with and without VR. Unplayable after SU3 and then they released and its playable but not near the performance pre SU3. Had my first ever CTD today and its really hard to try finding the cause for all this since its very spread out cross multiple user systems. Hopefully they will sort it, but ill back away from this sim a couple of weeks and see what happens. No joy in searching for solutions that do not really help when one just wants to enjoy flying.


You’re absolutely right, if your personal experience is a good one. Don’t pay attention to any of that. Enjoy your sim and happy flying. Nice to meet you

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There is a lot of toxicity here, but it’s a gaming thing, I think, not necessarily a flight sim thing. You should see the toxic pools of sludge in the Valheim forums… ugh, seriously. I’m also into Kpop really heavy (girl groups only please!), and you almost literally need a hazmat suit for some discussions on the topic. But, to be fair, it’s all about taking the good with the bad, and gaming (as well as Kpop) can also be a source of great fun and inspiration. Just gotta know when to get involved and when to let something go, IMO. :wink:

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I’m actually getting annoyed by these type of answers ngl.
I have a 10700K @ 5Ghz, 32GB Ram @ 4000Mhz CL18, RTX 3070 so come again???

I have an IT Background and did alot of checking and in the works of providing a detailed log for zendesk.

You know there’s an old saying that I kind of fall back on, when I begin to reach the limits of my patience-
“Expect nothing, and you’ll never be disappointed!”

My opinion? Many people here with very high-end specs, chasing FPS with Google-Earth resolutions in their MSFS. For the rest of us? Well, we just don’t have those expectations… 20-30FPS, “potato resolution” seems ok to us!

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i am not expecting anything above 30fps, I have been simming in XP11 for ages.
Notoriously known for it’s 20fps flights back then.

But having stutters & CTD’s is a different story mate.
(I haven’t had a single CTD since Patch #2 which was near the launch of the sim)
I had 7 CTD’s today after the hotfix, nothing else changed on my system.

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I am glad that you are an IT guy and you know what you are doing… Take care.

ok mr not an IT guy, then why are you bashing someone their setup ?
unless you are trying to be toxic on purpose within the forums and enjoy doing it.

Again, I understand your frustration with a machine of your calibre.
But my 1050ti, 7gen I7, 16GB RAM machine seems to purr along just fine at 20-25 FPS, even in London City, without any stutters, major flickering (jitters) and absolutely no CTD’s since the very first update last year.

Strange, but over the last couple of weeks, people “not seeing any issues” were telling me my PC / Windows / CPU / RAM / GPU were DEFINITELY the issue with the single digit frame rates I was seeing after SU3. It was my fault or a broken computer, not the sim since they didn’t have issues.

Then the patch lands, and I’m back at 30 fps…

Just because you’re not experiencing issues doesn’t mean someone else’s issues are self-inflicted.


that’s fine mate, but the windows PC gaming / simming genre is quite alot more different than a console game where the specs / os is the same.

We have so many variables at play, and a couple code changes don’t please all systems.
This is a discussion topic about the patch, if it doesn’t run fine for me or for anyone else we’ll say that ofc.

But people coming in here post “your system must be bad” type of comments isn’t well received.
If the sim runs fine for you i’m happy for you, genuinely.
I am trying to find what might cause my issues, maybe similar specced out people will get the same.

Anyway i’ve been through the event viewer and grabbed some logs of my CTD’s but i need to do a bit more research before i submit my stuff to zendesk.

I hear ya and completely understand where you’re coming from.
As for what am I doing here, frankly I am just curious to hear about what others are experiencing with this latest patch and to try to help wherever I can.

There aren’t very many folks around with machines as old and archaic as mine, fortunately, but I do interject my 2-cents, where applicable, for what I have found works best for me.

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