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There is a caveat here though.

As new updates and improvements are released as MSFS “evolves”, we may have to accept that general " FPS performance " may well drop, on a like-for-like system.

The search for smoothness, (which most people prolly prefer) better weather synthesis, ATC, PG streaming speed etc etc., makes this inevitable…like it or not.

And I hate to think what may happen if and when, the so-called “study sims” are released. In FSX and P3D, this tended to halve FPS immediately necessitating a concomitant reduction in graphics settings if you wanted more than single digits.

I still can’t use dynamic lighting in P3D … prolly never will. It isn’t native and it shows.

Update worked great for me. I’ve had no more stuttering and a rise in FPS from 35 to 55. Thanks so much!

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Its very strange. How come then I NEVER had a CTD ( actually only 2 times but it was my fault starting another flight without closing the sim first) with the sim. I have the DELL G5 gaming desktop, i7 9700 , RTX 2060 and 32GB RAM, Win 10 with all the latest updates. Am I just lucky then? Oh and if I am going to do a flight at big cities I always reboot first.

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I’m not sure myself, I ran problem free for quite sometime and thought the exact same thing. Am I lucky, am I doing something right? MSFS is still very young as far as a simulator goes. Both Euro truck and American truck Simulator, and many others took some time to get all the bugs out. Sure, not everyone knows how to OC properly, could be some fault. But when you read heavily into this forum you can see the problems progressions. Not just a handful, Crash to desktop without error message - #3079 by MroozW This thread is very much alive, and getting even further activity after the last patch.

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I’m seeing this problem everywhere. You’re made to take off and land with tail winds instead of headwinds. It’s been the same at all airports I’ve be to since

I’m not sure if that was an issue with SU3 that got carried over, as I wasn’t able to really fly after SU3. But it’s definitely present now.

I’m about to land on 27R at KOPF when in reality I should be on 9L instead due to the tail wind.

I did more tests today. With and without the content in the Community folder, with and without any traffic (ground, air, workers etc), the same pauses and stutters still happen.

I don’t fly in busy cities at all.

Asobo mentioend they addressed the Server Request process in the latest patch, I have the feeling the issue is still related to this.

Like now I am doing a trip around Africa, with stops of course. Now I left Cape Town on the way to Luanda Angola 3 hours into the flight and everything OK


I’m sure eventually we’ll all be happy and flying trouble free, great pics! Haven’t been around that way myself. I have the Mauritius addon and a few others close to Madagascar and have been through that area some. Meaning to try the area around the cape, Looks like your coherantgtdraw is going for a loop in the second pic. Hopefully further patches resolve that

So you restart the sim each time to do a new flight to avoid CTDs ?? You don’t think that’s a problem ? FS 2020 should seamless… it’s already enough you have to go thru the main menu again to change aircraft and re do the flight plan (yes I know you can use the fmc but most people won’t know how to do that)

No big deal to restart the sim if its going to avoid CTD. After all its just a game…

What does it mean? explain to me please, my English are not so good

how dare you talk bad about PMDG in Avsim LOL! I think part of it, it is full of the “older” generation of the simmers whom not used to certain part of things

My experience with this update has not been good. :frowning: Although I’m not seeing the sudden drops to 9-12 fps anymore, what I’m getting now is inconsistent low fps, where it constantly oscillates between the low to mid 40’s and low 20’s, (like… 41, 22, 40, 21, 41, 19, 38, 21, 39, 24, 43,… etc.) so the entire time everything is hitching and stuttering, from takeoff to landing. Prior to SU3, the only time I would drop into the 30’s, or there 'bouts, was over really dense photogrammetry cities, while everywhere else I was getting about 50 fps on average.

This is what my frame graph typically looks like now, just littered with red and even purple. This shows limited by main thread, but it actually flips back and forth between main thread and GPU all the time, so it’s not just the main thread anymore like it used to be.


My only choice at this point is to limit the fps in the nVidia control panel to 30 fps (the in-game limiter doesn’t work), so I can keep from getting the 20+ fps oscillations and keep it looking more consistent. It still does drop into the mid-teens though over cities. Basically, the whole thing now feels like it did when it was released… just unoptimized and struggling. I used to get really good fps even with a lot of graphics options on Ultra, but now I’m having to run everything on medium or high, and I’m not even sure it’s helping much. I think I’m going to give up sim flight for a while… go back to ATS and ETS2. :frowning:

Oh, my specs for reference;

RTX 2080
Samsung 850 EVO SSD

In your second pic, you can tell you are micro stuttering. All the black lines in the topmost bar show this clearly. I see a few black lines in your first pic too. Every black line is a pause, no matter how small. In the second pic, your micro stutters are caused by one of your CPU threads, coherantGTDraw. That’s not at all normal behaviour. You’re in the right spot though, nurture your fellow forum members, you’re going to need them. Your sim has issues brother

“It’s the mods” / “Empty your community folder” tend to be a bit of a red herring reply that people throw around constantly. Mods are often blamed for core issues with sim when they have nothing to do with. People parrot that “empty your community folder” without even reading previous posts on the topic.

Not saying all mods are perfect. There are definitely cases where a misbehaving mod causes issues. But to blame everything on mods is counterproductive.


True but if it avoids ctd for you then there is something on your end as that should not be needed, I don’t reboot for weeks on end and no issues in fact I’ve had 3 ctd since August and 2 were definitely my fault

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OK Tony I haven’t though SEEN any stuttering, looked very smooth to me. I can live with these unnoticeable issues . But I suppose the “Robot” PC has different set of eyes… lol


Micro stuttering can run on without being very aware of it. You definitely suffer from them. Your screen shots fall into the category of… a Pic is worth a thousand words. Trust me, that second pic screams micro stutters to anyones eyes. If you enjoy it, and don’t notice, right on. That’s what matters


Well all I can say every pic I have seen posted on this forum have had those Spikes. On people claiming they are pleased with the smoothnesss…not seen a pic without it yet…but I dont claim I am an expert.

I guess this patch had also addressed the pesky stuttering locking the FPS at 5.
I’m not sure if it is fixed at the expense of downgraded graphics, though.