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Ah thank you @gordongreig !
Now i understood everything :white_check_mark:

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This isn’t new by the way. Here are some screenshots from September last year:







With this update the sim got mostly unplayable for me and I’m close to just waiting a few months and not playing anymore, because of the bugs the sim has atm.

  • My settings are reseted on every startup.
  • The co-pilot does whatever it wants, although it is deactivated. Sometimes I can not even fly, because the engine thrust is constantly set back to zero! Also flaps are controled and set to what the co-pilot wants.
  • The performance in VR has become worse for me and the toolbar is not usable anymore. Also I have a lot of CTD in VR.

I’m becoming more and more disappointed and annoyed that every update adds new bugs that make the game experience worse for me.
And I dont get why it is more important to introduce new content constantly instead of fixing bugs which do exist for months. What is the point of new content if the sim no longer works? I’ d rather have no new content for a few months, but bug fixing.


Had a good chance to do a bunch of flights since the update. The only issues I have are

  1. Clouds. Defo too close to the ground, and coming out of the ground
  2. If I go into the menu a few times during the flight, the FPS crashes down to single digits, as does the sim (Menus) become sluggish. and won’t recover.

Beyond that, it has been running great. Tested in many different areas of the world. Been using REX weather, and will do so until the clouds get sorted out. Running DX11.

How about the dev updates? There was nothing on the announced 25th/11… will there be one today?

A few hours old:

It just released (public) minutes ago, not hours. But ive seen it already :slight_smile:


And voila… they’re aware of and fixing the SU7 bugs. See all, patience is always key.


Aha … those remarks again

Yes they are aware … yes the promise … yes in the end it is not fixed … only happened with 7 updates sofar. Ow and am patient for only 1.5 years now

With every update we get the same routine … acknowledging bugs … we are aware …. And then what ? Bug are not fixed / partially fixed … or cause more bugs

Have you seen the latest dev update know issue list ???

6 bugs …. ALL introduced with latest update … all are there for weeks now. All promised to be solved ASAP …. Another beta test program ( not needed because beta testers only complaint they are not listened to for MONTHS already )

ALL should have been solved after a hotfix a few days after release ! ASL / MSL mixup can happen i understand …BUT a fix should not be so hard for a good programmer to fix (switch em back :thinking: )

With every dev update or anouncement we get the “ see they are working on it” remarks … or “see now the sim will be fixed thanks you Asobo” … it turns out to be a disappointment EVERY time though


You are right, my mistake. Sorry :confused:

They main reason they are aware of these bugs is because so many people were “impatient” enough to vent their annoyance on these forums.

It is a fact nowadays that it is only the people who make most noise who get their way, and not only in flight simming. Sadly, anger is the new complaint process.


Thus far all those acknowledged in this manner have always been fixed after every update, some took a bit longer, like the altitude bug, but it was also fixed in the end.

How do you know? We don’t have any data to compare, as people are constantly complaining by default.

The only picture that shows an unrealistic cloud formation near the ground is picture 17/9/20.(towering cumulus at ground level)
I consider all others to be possible in reality.

Just look at the past updates and hotfixes which followed. The CTDs around Andrews was one instance where they acknowledged the feedback from the forums (which you label as impatience), but further than this the hotfixes are virtually always linked to those bugs most complained about.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing - in limited testing they (often surprisingly) miss the most obvious bugs, and they would certainly be stupid not to look at the forums after a release, and take action accordingly. In effect, they now rely on the impatience of the customers to fill the gap in their own Quality Control.

All of us (including you) benefit by this reaction.

Feedback, especially the constructive kind is always good. Comments like “this sim is totally broken” , “worst update in the whole wide world” and stuff like that is not feedback. It is whining . Full Stop!
When I read “all the clouds are totally ■■■■ now” and see pictures that show the exact opposite, I wonder if the comments should not have been " I added so many add-ons, changed so many “cfg’s” and overclocked my system to the point where my GPU reduces my heating bill, I lost totally sight of what I’ve done now. Must be the Sim.
And there is the always favorite “re-installed windows, the sim, (put your own choice here) 4 times now and still nothing” We all know what doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results really means…
just my $0.02


Great news, credit for realising fixes were needed sooner rather than later and putting the work in, thanks. It might have saved a lot of high blood pressure to post a quick message saying they were working on this, but this seems to be how these guys like to communicate for whatever reason. The end result is what matters, fingers crossed it does what it says on the tin.

Thanks to the forum for making it loud and clear what the main issues were and how much of a gamebreaker they were - there wouldn’t be a hot fix without so much noise being made (especially in December!) and the developers have acknowledged they monitor the forums to see where the biggest issues are. Plenty here told us we’d have to wait until SU8 in Feb and should just accept it - now we don’t have, so everyone playing the game owes some thanks (again) to those not being dissuaded from speaking up. Hopefully those determined to downplay things can reflect on why their confident predictions haven’t borne out.

Now we’ve been through this however many times, let’s all of us learn from past experience how to be better. Yes those of us raising issues can be more civil, I hold my hands up, but it doesn’t help having to constantly battle posts trying to shutdown discussion of the issue. Perhaps some could pause in future before jumping into bug threads with the assertion that there’s no problem (when they couldn’t possibly know that), then posting photos from a non-comparable situation with ‘looks fine to me’ even when a problem has been well established, then when denying a problem becomes impossible asserting that it really isn’t a big deal, then as it becomes clear it is serious trying to dissuade people from posting, to be patient and stop complaining and wait for the next update, and finally when the developers acknowledge the gravity of the issue, trying to claim the forum was irrelevant in their response. It gets really old and causes so much unnecessary heat, antagonism and discussion going round in circles.

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That’s what the Zen desk is for. Constantly complaining on the forums about the same thing over and over and over again (frequently by the same people) is just negativity for the sake of negativity.

Step One- If you have a bug, report it to the Zen desk.

Step Two (Optional)- Discuss (not whine) it in the forums to see if other’s have the same issue (you might be unique, or close to it), if anyone might have any suggestions, and if anyone knows of any workarounds or fixes.

The constant whining only serves to (maybe) make the whiners feel better, and to drive other people (like me!) away from the forum. And I don’t mean that as a hypothetical, my usage recently is down dramatically because I’m tired of all the whining about the same things over and over and over again.


And every update there’s always (usually the same people) the gripers and complainers and conspiracy theorists as well.

I don’t defend Asobo or MS. I just set my expectations to be more realistic, now that we’ve gone through seven of these.


Keep in mind a LOT of people who told any of us about “we’ll have to wait until February” truly have zero idea about anything Asobo does or does not do.

A lot of the forums are just pointless speculation or conjecture.