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My Bad, I missed that – must have been so GOB-SMACKED by the clouds.

Will watch again

Did, do not see any Metar or Atis info …

There’s the same example and many more also, over in this bug thread:

The METAR is in the screenshot, but if you can’t see it it was this: LEPP 301230Z 36001KT 9999 FEW004 BKN027 09/09 Q1026

KTUS: temprature 10/-01 … CLR … fog, smog, mist … whatever … :-p … huge bug …

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Yep, I think what you’re seeing here is the bug where it takes the 10SM reading in the METAR too mean exactly that when in fact the irl visibility is greater than 10SM

I’m still trying to get over Temperature = 2 , Dewpoint = 10 :sob:

(yes – took a lot of time to make this Graphic, so I intend to get a lot of use out of it !! )


Maybe, but the weird thing is that the performance at a USA airport (JFK) was affected by a world update from a completely different area. Removing them and keeping the USA WU one increased performance significantly on the ground and low level flying.

You may have to be a little careful about that.
I get the impression that later world update “may” be using resources from earlier world updates, so it you don’t install the early ones, thing may be missing from the later ones .

One example is the VOR at KDCA in USA World Update, that seem to come from the Japan Update. If you don’t have the japan Update installed, you don’t see the VOR at KDCA (from memory )

It is possible ( I haven’t tested this ) that with every WU there were core sim changes pushed as well and that when uninstalling the WU we are only removing the objects related to the WU and not the core sim changes. But you are right, maybe removing Japan could bring that issue back.

Since certain WUs affect performance in some systems, hopefully it can somehow help in identifying bugs or maybe help optimizations.

I have always found the UPDATES to be “suspect”, so while I do update when the update first comes out, and give it a try, I end up later that week doing a 100% fresh install
This very often, make the sim appear to be a very different one from the updated one .

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Well said Tidal. For a hundred bucks, so many think they should be getting the type of sim that commercial pilots train in.

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I beg to differ, this is with live weather

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I’m starting to get the feeling that you Swiss have special servers.

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Nah… we just have better cloud computing - well, clouds - here in Switzerland, as seen here from the Bürgenstock (near Lucerne):

Yes, here would be the Lake Lucerne - instead we now see a “cloud lake”:

And yes, our clouds actually do grow out of the ground!



And yes, our clouds actually do grow out of the ground!

But not with the cloud formation as it is shown in the sim.

I think the release notes say that WUs include small updates for places other than the featured areas.

You can also see this kind of thing in the Blue Ridge Mountain range in the USA.

forget it … MS bug …

nice, never seen this here on the baltic coast… only FS make it possible :joy: :rofl:

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Possibly something to do with “haze” issue people have been reporting? Have you tried playing around with the new humidity slider in preset weather?