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What do you mean by “unplayable”?

HMMM - Since the update I am seeing the External camera HUD in Cockpit view and I cant seem to get rid of it?

Very bad FPS ( on my rig that is)

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Accessibility Options - Set Assistance back to where it was.

There’s an option to disable it. I think it’s under Camera settings. Look for cockpit HUD.

Same for me, SeedyL3205 says that there is an option for that, but I am unable to find anything.

TrackIR being borked is a pretty huge problem. People needing workarounds can find discussions over here: Track IR Stops Working


It’s moved to Assistance settings.


Thanks for the quick help - however, I can´t find any option having effect on this overlay. Would you help me out and send a screenshot, and mark the option I need to toggle?

I’m just going to wait a couple of days and try again, as usual…

Yes you are not alone, got it since the update, and it’s annoying.

that’s what I thought but its missing?


Yay, found it there! Thank you, this was extremely annoying!

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Same thing often happens to me :rofl:

I live about 5km north of the threshold to runway 16 at LOWW Vienna Schwechat airport directly under the approach path :slight_smile:

Where did you find it?

I like this glitch with the trees in Helsinki particularly, as it kind of unintentionally depicts where the city heading and what the public discussion is about in the city very much at the moment. Trees sprouting out of the coal mound in front of the Hanasaari coal plant. The plant is due to be closed by May 2023, moving towards a greener world :slight_smile: image


Performance is great, content is great, but to release a goty edition with no departing ai traffic just ruins what could have been an awesome update, for me that is. Its really hard to believe it can be released in this state. Just sad. Xbox x user here.


what I found out is when you pause trackir, a few second later it’s get disable in the camera window!!
after that if you try to get trackir on it won’t work until you reset the trackir in camera menu EVERYTIME!!!


FFS Whats it doing in assistance options?

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I have the same Problem. I never see that bevor, specially under side of the Screen.