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Options → Assistance Options → User Experience → Instrument Heads Up Display - Cockpit Cam

Set that to “Off”.

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The update is still not showing up in the store for me, I have logged out and back in several times, same with xbox app, no updates. I have rebooted. Any ideas? Server overload?

I see the g2 controllers. It’s looks like the default controllers in Xplane.
But the bindings does’t work correct. (I choose the default bindings…)You can switch with a button to laser or grip mode, but how to activate the knobs etc. isnt clear for me. The thumbstick works as a joystick. I need to test and investigate more… :thinking:

have no one tried to use “mouse button 3” which is scroll click ? when i use it to toggle freelook and zoom in, once i click mouse 3 again to disable freelook it zooms out and goes back to stock position, center for the airbus view @SeedyL3205 , you know anything about this?

THX, you right…there are 2 Options Cockpit and Extern Hud.

Low visibility depiction due to haze is extremely well done. Thanks Asobo !


So it’s still not fixed!!! :rage:

That’s the one thing I was hoping for in this update.
Thank the gods for AIG.

But they give us the HUD display in the cockpit which nobody asked for!


Is anybody having issues where you can’t move the globe :earth_americas: around?

Yes, I think most of us. You need to go to controls, select mouse profile, select preset manager and click reset.


So far so bad for VR users. Toolbar cannot be selected and if you start with atc chat activated you cannot select, move or close it. It just sits in your view. FPS has taken a massive hit, about 10-20% on my High end pc.

Not tried the controllers to be honest it doesn’t appeal to me.

Will give it a few days to see if reduced server populations after today’s stress will help but at the moment my msfs is grounded.

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Any clue where the old profile went? It’s playing whack-a-mole trying to get my old combo keys working again. For example button plus wheel for cockpit zoom so you can use the wheel to change the radio etc. Yet every time I try the scan option it fills up witl y-axis stuff. Frustrating.

Seems not to bad. Good weather improvement with local and low haze effects.
What I’ve found just for starters:

  • F18 pilot don’t wear helmet :grin:
  • No afterburner effect
  • Avatar pilot images don’t appear in the menu anymore.
  • Unable to load a simbrief fpl into the A32NX
  • Unable to start the PC6, even with Ctrl-E (can someone help me ?)
    Apart from that, everything is Ok, currently.

Milviz must love it :joy: :sob::sob:

My results after downloading and flying for 1 hour DX11 and DX12.

First thing I noticed is the weather is better than before including clouds.
Next Frame Rate had dropped from before 35fps to 27fps to get back to
35 fps I had to drop Object level detail from 200 to 100 and Terrain level of detail the same from 200 to 100. I believe the reason is the cloud detail?
CPU running at 25% i9-9900K
GPU running at 97% RTX 2070
Run about the same as DX11 but CPU and GPU % changed
CPU running at 38%
GPU running at 35%
Thought that I now had lot’s of head room?
Did not work out as soon as I increased the Terrain Level of Detail and the Objects Level of Detail the frame rate dropped to an unplayable level.
I noticed that the load on CPU and GPU did not increase as expected?
Looking for other results from simmers?


For people did not noticed, new weather slider have been added, called density it can control the shade\transparency etc…


I had my screen name from beta still there at first but figured out had to end insider and reboot now downloading update

There sure is an afterburner effect. To activate afterburner, you have to bind a hotkey. After setting the throttle to 100%, press the hotkey to activate afterburner.

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Doing an engine on DX12 is totally different from dx11, more low level. it requires a huge rework. i bet they just have done a dx11-dx12 bridge, some kind of wrapper between both api without reworking things deeply. Some eye candy effects perhaps, don’t expect much more

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EDIT: Was able to resolve the tearing issue by resetting the Nvidia control panel preferences for MSFS


So download and installation went pretty quick for me, at least by MSFS standards (e.g., I maintained a constant 60 - 90 mbps download rate, interspersed with file decompressions). It installed to the correct (custom) directory, and then there was about 4.4GB of additional content for me to update in the Content Manager.

However, in the sim itself, a bunch of options got reset and changed around, specifically all the Assistance Options got flipped to Easy. Ugh. Worse, the core changes for SU7 broke the cockpit displays for the DC Designs F-14 and F-15, two of my fave payware add-ons. I expect they’ll be able to get patches out for us PC users through JustFlight within a couple weeks (nevermind how that impacts the OTHER new planes they’re working on and trying to get released!) but XBox users and people who purchased through the Marketplace will likely have to wait months for MS to review and approve any updates. That’s terrible.

The F-18 Super Hornet is fun to fly, but for whatever reason, I can’t get it to work with Hard Deck Simulations Carrier mod. Other planes work, but the catapult-assisted launches do not seem to work for me. Similarly, unless the aircraft has some kind of auto-flap function tied to airspeed (and it might, but without a manual who knows?) the aircraft flap animations do not seem to obey and match my external flap control. On another positive note, though, the HUD in the Super Hornet is fully collimated and looks fantastic. I expect the same is true in the 787-10 but haven’t yet had a chance to fly it.

Anyway, just my first impressions. More to come as I explore and play around with more aircraft.