Discussion + Poll: Sim Update 9 (

Well even if we report issues, they mostly don’t fix anything because of the deadline. I gave up reporting issues, they’re not worth my time. I’m willing to help and work for free if they actually fix things (and not break 1000 others at the same time).
They fixed only 8 issues reported by the community in the SU 9 and most of them are peripherals related…
Also, we should not forget that they started from FSX, so the technical debt must be enormous and getting bigger and bigger over time. I don’t believe we’ll have a working game anytime soon, this is impossible. Like a building, don’t fix it if it’s too old, better demolish everything and start clean and over. :joy:


Well if thats true thats bad news. If FSX performance caps put somewhere independent of increasingly superior hardware, the samr may hold true for FS2020.

Im still hoping a 13700k and RTX 4080 will bring a big boost…


what a nice small updates in sim! Very appreciate also for them! I’m very happy with implementation of also FPL files (extension) inside LOAD/SAVE option, really I don’t remember if this was in SU8 but more I have feeling that it wasn’t implemented. To me, load of FPL and flights after SAVE or LOAD working ok. Yes, some aircraft need set quickly more options to as were before, especially TBM with AP settings but also load of FPL after that is ok. Here I recommend be patient, sometimes CTD will occur but for more LOADs of FPL is all ok and can continue my saved flight without problems. Also YES, weather isn’t possible to change but again after some tweakings from Community all is ok. Really thnx also for this small but very fine update. For my joy will be excellent implement that STD pressure set (Q1013 or 29.92) after click on that TBM STD button. Thnx developers :wink: Will do next test flights…

Yet again track IR is broken. With this new update when the Track IR goes out of range, the red led turn on on the track IR receiver and the only solution is to quit the game and restart…until im out of range again…and again…and again.

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Downloaded/installed update on the 26th. Almost unplayable… I really thought this was the time my sim went down hill with an update and was no longer playable due to lag and stuttering.

I later found it was probably due to overloaded servers from everyone downloading and flying the sim.

I got back on the sim to see if things smoothed out and it did!!! I’ll report on performance and smoothness. For me the sim runs very smooth and looks even better then before (not like the release days yet) I may be mistaken but I’m pretty clouds got some work done too and look less grainy/fuzzy!

Appreciate the work and look forward to more updates! Had a very nice morning flight from Gatwick to Brussels (aerosoft) with amazing views!



I said earlier in the thread that I’d had no problems with SU9, and that’s still the case. But I’ve also noticed that the sim loads faster now, back to 3 mins from 5 or 6.

Absolutely awful since update on xbox s. Planes un flyable, concorde will not fly. And having CTD almost every time I load up a flight plan, never had a single on crash before update… Very disappointing.

The clouds are really hurting the performance now. It runs stutter-free in clear weather. Outside view with weather/clouds, almost no stutters, jumping back into the cockpit the stuttering returns. Fps (30 reprojection Reverb G2) is usually fine when the stutters are present, but experiencing way more frame drops overall.

Before SU9 I ran everyting fine with most ultra/high settings ( 0 traffic), render scale 100, terrain LOD 140, Open XR 100 and Open XR Toolkit 90/100 butter smooth. Now with the same settings, except Toolkit at 80, it’s flyable but there’s some stuttering and frame drops going on, usually in or near clouds (high setting).

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There had been reports of faster load times during the beta. I timed several loads without the beta (I didn’t join it). With SU8, the average of the 5 loads I did (from clicking the icon to the world map) was 2:48.

I timed 5 loads with SU9, and the average was 2:43. I would consider that tobe within margin of error.

It may have helped some folks, but definitely not everyone.

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Could be but very odd that it just started with this last SU9 update ?

That could be it but I have never seen such a large difference before. Will make sure I change and see if that helps.

Sounds just like me, and most of us, during the FSX days. I kept upgrading hardware relentlessly back then, but the best each cycle would do is maybe get me an extra 2 or 3 fps, which would randomly disappear a short while later for no apparent reason. We should be doing a “wait, what did I just say?” doubletake right now as we hear ourselves saying things like this.

FS 2020 is running on a tweaked version of the FSX code, and Asobo has previously said that it limits them in many ways. The fact that we have an increasingly rickety unstable experience occurring as they try to add more and more on top of that old code, and that many of us are starting to say exactly the same silly things that we did way back when with FSX should give us pause. Maybe they’re just trying to get too much out of the poorly written FSX code, and we’re starting to see the cracks appear.

If we’re going to yet again have to enter a hardware arms race where we have to throw more and more new hardware at it just to wring out a bit more performance, or to brute-force a solution to performance issues, then we’re right back in the old FSX mess and maybe we’ve hit the wall with the underlying code.

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Another odd thing.

I don’t have any AI traffic? I had plenty during the beta but now it’s an empty world again!!! I checked setting and all flags are turned on.
Plenty of aircraft on the ground but nothing coming or going (Heathrow EGLL)

Something is really messed up with this update

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Got about 20 + hours in since sim update 9. Put it to the test. Sim runs smooth as butter! Weather looks grrreat Thanks, Asobo job well done.


For various reasons, they’ve really screwed the pooch with this update, far more people dissatisfied than with previous SU’s. The sim has regressed for a lot of users.


They need to go all the way back to SU 8 to search for the answers, because for many the most serious issues began then. SU 9 has added new problems and not done anything to fix the previous ones. Performance and crashing issues aside for the moment (because they can have many causes and are therefore harder to track down), I keep reiterating that the biggest red flag they should be focusing on is the bizarre changes in the menu options that many of us see in the interface.

There is no reason why different users should see different menus and different settings within those menus (talking about the missing rolling cache menu and missing Data menu settings, along with missing Delete function in Content Manager). THAT is where the primary focus should be at the moment, because it is indisputable that everyone should at least be seeing the same interface, but many of us have lost access to certain settings since SU 8, and I notice that a few more have experienced this for the first time with SU 9.

And it’s not variable from user to user - If you experience this you will have EXACTLY the same missing items that everyone else does, whether on XBOX or PC. That eliminates fuzziness around possible user-specific configuration problems, or hardware differences, etc. If they can get to the bottom of what is causing this problem, maybe they will discover that it’s linked somehow to many of the other issues since it began at the same time as many of the performance and stability problems did.


I don’t know what is going on, it’s truly perplexing stuff. They really do need to get things sorted, and fast though. I know that.

I agree to some degree with the sentiment of some people that the developer’s resource should be skewed in favour of damage control and bug fixing, and there should be as few people on World Updates etc as possible. I really think the vast majority of people would pick a more stable sim over some photogrammetry of a few cities in Australia et al.

I’m not having issues to the extent you are (the flickering windows are starting to grate a bit though) but I recognise that there are quite pertinent issues that need to be addressed with more than just arbitrary platitudes from the developer.

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Ok, here’s my latest pondering.

Where are you located geographically? And where are the other users with the missing menu/delete items geographically located?

Where I’m going with this is, what if there is a file corruption on a server mirror where your download is originating from?


Just curious, do people who are experiencing very bad performance have multiplayer and live weather ON? If yes, can one or some of you please turn them both OFF and get back to me?

(Just trying to help and take Asobo’s place here lmao)

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Well as I said in my previous post my install went better than before but some stutters when flying.
Today when I started my flight simulator it looked for updates and told me I needed 123GB update from Xbox app? I previously installed from the Microsoft Store so why a complete re-install from the Xbox app? Before doing anything I tried to find out everything about the Xbox app and the install procedure found a couple of items of interest (Do not install the first part of the simulator on your C:Drive and the rest on another drive) I found this interesting because I have been running the simulator on two drives from the beginning over the last 2.5 years which included Beta testing. Since I had no choice I used the Xbox app install this time another new 200+GB install on a separate M2SSD drive.

What I noticed is that I now have a Xbox directory which the flight simulator resides.
Changes I noticed all my graphics have changed so I had to reset them back to my original setting.
Now testing to early to report. But I did get a request from Xbox to complete questions on how the install went? I am totally complexed what this was all about? My frustration and time spent is reaching my limits.