Discussion + Poll: Sim Update V (

Update to my post on Tuesday.

The Good:
They added Stuttgart Airport which was missing before.

The Bad:
The Renderer doesn’t clip buildings correctly when very low to the ground.

The Ugly:
Like all others i noticed they seem to have reduced the graphic quality. :frowning:
Colors are saturated or washed out. And LOD was decreased heavily.

My CTD-issues seem to have been vanished even i didn’t change anything.
Always loads fast. Repeated everything i did on Tuesday. No issues. Back then i had 5 CTDs in one hour. Today nothing.
If I have to guess then i would blame it on to the heavy network load the servers currently experience.
The network code or whatever processes the online-data on the PC then is not able to handle data not coming in or wrong data coming in.
A problem in the renderer would have been noticed much earlier during development.
And since developers usually do not have network issues to their own service any issues in the code there is hardly noticed.
But thats just a guess.

unbelievable, I am kinda glad my game crashes on the loading screen now… I hope they fix both at the same time…

Units of measure is set to U. S. System so inches of mercury should be used.
However, custom weather (slider) is European format.
Why is that?

Changing the Baro slider in custom weather still shows as 29.92 when the flight loads?
Why is that?

Still trying to update here, part files keep looping- delete and reload sim- rinse and repeat.
Been two days now, as I have to babysit it to check for loops.

This started a few updates ago, so maybe there’s some kind of conflict going on somewhere…given up now uninstalled and deleted all traces left that I could find.
Reinstall going smoothly so far woop.
Would really like to know what causes this, very poor show from such a huge software company

Overloaded servers may be?

This is really not a game fitting my “playstyle”. Once every month or so I want to try some flight, and I get stuck in a lengthy update process and I end up going to bed while game is patched. So I guess see you next patch :stuck_out_tongue:

Noticed that reflections are not displayed until an object comes into view. Shows how aggressive the object culling is. Something else that breaks the immersion.


Is this update the switch to DirectX 12 engine for PC or we are still on Directix11 ???
Can a dev answer??

Performance gains are nice, so is the world map which allows you to pinpoint locations.
I had a crash but after I removed all mods it didnt crash anymore.

One thing that really bothers me more than lower fps prior this patch is the over saturation and pop-in we experience everywhere. This game has now worse pop-in than euro truck simulator.

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Sorry, you do not need a DEV to answer that, it is DirectX 11, they stated that in the last twich videos.

Tuesday and yesterday were dial up speeds but tonight it’s back to normal and was still looping.
Reinstall still going strong :+1:

Haven’t they said in a prior stream that this update will bring DirectX12 to PC the same time with Xbox Launch?
Why they like to be so slippery? Meh…

Tried again a few minutes ago.
Crashed in the world map. And then during loading Miami.
So now everybody is back home playing it…problems are back.

I feel your pain

Same reason why many have so many problems with this patch, focus was on XBOX, no matter what.

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I assume on PC its not top a priority.
On XBOX it was required. But on PC they have to consider different GPUs and therefore different behaviors and/or renderpaths in case capabilities differ. Creates too many additional problems.
And clearly the bad usage of the CPU was the bigger issue to fix first.

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And clearly the bad usage of the CPU was the bigger issue to fix first

But did they really fix it in the build they released?

I saw the Q&A where Seb showed us on his system that load was taken off his main thread and all cores being utilized equaly.

But now, when I open up system monitor, my 10th-Gen Intel still has one core at 100% and all other cores somewhere between 20 and 30 %.

Towers do not hand off - atc broken

I haven’t posted for a long time mainly because the previous updates haven’t caused too many issues for me.

This update however is quite bad for me… :frowning:

CTD is happening constantly, this is without any MODs. I deleted them all.

I don’t understand why MSFT / Asobo changed the UI interaction on the PC. The TBM was essentially un-flyable using the laptop’s mousepad. It doesn’t recognize the ‘right-click’ on the mousepad in order to start the engine. And all the tooltips were just so annoying.

I am also annoyed that a REAL flying methodology is now branded as legacy. Who came up with that terminology?? That person needs to be fired. Call it xBox mode or PC mode. NOT legacy!!! What the hell Microsoft??!!

The latest update is unplayable right now.


I have an 10th-Gen Intel with 8/16 cores/threads. Never had high framerates. Flying over London with glass cockpit reduced it to 15-20 FPS. Outside photogrametry-cities or airports it went up to 45 FPS.
They said already that too many things were done in the mainthread. So having high core frequency was better then up to SIM Update 4.
I got the +50% improvement they promised with Sim Update 5. I have to admit my machine is a laptop whichs clocks with max 4.5 GHz when 2 threads are used max and then goes down to 3GHz when 8 or more threads are used. When i overclocked it framerates were fine. Otherwise not.

So XBOX is also clocked rather low at around ~3.6 GHz. But has many cores/threads.
In order ot get it running there they had to optimize it away from few threads to multiple.
Memory usage is the same thing. They had to reduce it otherwise it would not fit on to the XBOX.
One year ago it was surely not an issue. Bringing it to market was there top goal then i assume.
So i only benefit because they had to port it to the XBOX.

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