Discussion + Poll: World Update VI (

If that’s the satellite imagery they have available, then that’s what will be rendered in-game. Possibly something wrong with the source data you think? I think the images have just been captured at the time of the year when all the fields just look like that.

You cant hold a carpenter to do wiring.

The bug people are fixing the art people are making pretty and never the one should stop the other.

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Of course not, and they also don’t have to. I would think what has changed are the team internal deadlines and project calendar. The fixers of the buggers (if they even exist as such) have now new targets and likely also will have more on their plate to deliver than before. Speculation, shmeculation, what really should matter to us is that their focus seems to have shifted to getting the bugs ironed out.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I had to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the game. Then I thought it was caused by some addons, so I moved everything from my community folder, but that didn’t help either. To my surprise, it all worked OK after I restarted the PC.

I took me awhile watching that video to decide if it was real life, or MSFS. That fact alone is a testament to just how incredible what Asobo and MS have accomplished. What got me the most was the fact that the camera didn’t move even a bit, which says to me if it’s RL, it must have been suctioned to the window or something, which is something I didn’t think a real airline would ever allow.

But it is overseas so that may in fact be allowed, and after I read the description of the video ON YT, I’m now going to vote for real life.

Exactly, and I can demonstrate it the other way round. For me FS2020 runs perfectly happily without overclocks, and has done since launch, but as soon as I start try and overclocking it falls over immediately. Have tried it after each update and it works everytime.

Suspect it’s a power issue…

Happy to also reshare this point of view…

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Yeah, but those clouds, absolutely horrible… it’s clearly MSFS and not real. And the LOD, geez, you can’t even see the mountains properly!


The hotfix planned should fix also the drone mode which is rolling constantly.

These things really bother you guys?

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This, I agree with, which is why I don’t use it, and have opted for pilot2ATC most of the time, nothing at all some of the time (usually when I’m treating the sim like a game and doing unsafe, illegal stunts like doing aerobatics in downtown Chitown, or building “canyon” diving in Manhattan, or actual canyon diving that the one called “Grand”.

Sometimes, I’ll just imagine up my own ATC, too, especially for shorter trips with GA planes. So I’ll just give myself mental instructions like what I think a RL controller would, such as “Turn left heading 030, intercept the localizer inbound, cleared ILS runway 18 approach”. But I’m an experienced real world instrument rated pilot, so I can come up with some pretty realistic faux-ATC instructions, where a noob could not.

But maybe I spent too much time on that, because here’s where we go off the rails. The above statement I can relate to… But…

This, I cannot. I get plenty of turbulence, and not only is the overall volume of it pretty close to reality, so is the timing and location. For example, flying a small airplane over big hills, I can get some pretty noticeable bumps. Everything from light chop to what I would describe as borderline moderate turbulence. Keep in mind, the FAA’s definition of “moderate” is actually pretty severe to your average person, because it requires bumps so large that the aircraft is literally out of control of the pilots, at least momentarily. That I have yet to encounter, but pretty close.

As for wind shear, I don’t know if the sim is modeling it or not, but I do know it’s a fairly rare thing to encounter. In fact, in my entire real world flying career, which is 500 hours give or take, I think I encountered both true “moderate” turbulence, and wind shear only one time each, but unrelated to each other. So it would not surprise me a bit to learn that it is in fact modeling wind shear, it’s just that neither of us has actually encountered it, because in real life, I’m but a single wind shear encounter away from being able to say “I wonder if real life is modeling wind shear properly, because it’s never happened to me?”

And then there is this…

I, too, own a Honeycomb Bravo, and while it can be a bit complicated to get all the axes and buttons setup the way I want, it’s working perfectly well and I’m using it multiple hours every single day, and changing out the accessories to fly many different kinds of aircraft regularly.

The point I’m getting to is that I read these forums, and I read so many complaints about so many different bugs that simply do not apply to me that sometimes I literally wonder if I’m running the same software as the people are who have these issues.

But then I come to my senses and realize that happy people do not “complain”, so despite it sometimes sounding like all the problems are common, ubiquitous even, I think they are in fact extremely rare. Like less than one half of one percent rare.

Many times, especially when we’re talking about CTDs, they’re actually self-inflicted, either intentionally because some people think the regularly offered advice, like turn your overclocks off, and to empty your Community folders simply doesn’t apply to them, or unknowingly, because someone might have a memory module or PSU that is running 99.99% properly, but this program is so intensive, that 0.01% could be enough to push their system over the edge.

People with the latter sorts of problems will be challenged by the fact that they fall in between extremely difficult and impossible to diagnose, and may only be found when the slightly defective part is replaced, either because the user was upgrading anyway, or because they did so on a fishing expedition to try to find the guilty component.

So the reality is not that I’m running different software than the “vociferously loud” crowd sometimes makes me think, and frankly wants me to think, it’s just that most people are like me, but rather than coming here, they’re sitting at home, simming happily away, and possibly not even aware such problems are happening at all.

I wonder if I really properly explained the point I was trying to make, but hopefully I got at least part of the way there.



The little things kill the immersion, but I come here for more than just VFR flying- which the sim is good for.

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Why does this poll group performance and stability into the same question? My performance is amazing, my stability is awful.

Still the same number of CTDs as SU5 for me. I never had CTD issues before SU5. I have completely reinstalled the sim twice and am running with zero addons.

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Sure, I just think it really depends on the person. I’m just surprised that a thing like “drone is rolling” get reported as a bug and even gets a fix. I have seen it of course, it is such a small little thing, not even an annoyance honestly that I would never even come to think of filing a bug report on it.

If you are intimating that you find it unacceptable for IFR use, I must strongly disagree. I use it for IFR point-A to point-B flights every day, usually multiple times a day- I’m disabled and have little to do aside from flying the sim, and trying to get my business to grow, which involves selling 3d-printed flight controllers for flight sims, so now it’s not only a hobby, it’s also my job.

I do use third party ATC (pilot2ATC to be specific) which helps avoid the u-turn bug as it issues approach instructions before the point that the sim wants to turn around and go back to, so that helps, but if you have issues aside from that about IFR flying, I’d love to hear them. I see a lot of people saying that the sim doesn’t work for IFR, but I can’t explain why, because it certainly does for me, whether I’m flying a 172 or an A320 (the FBW version), or anything in between.

It worked fine when I tried again later, doing the exact same as always (browsing while leaving it loading in the background). I guess maybe a bad or missing server response can trip it up.

ATC is the main issue, so indeed if you use a 3rd party ATC then 90% of the problems go away…

Still changing the approach when already close to the airport (a go around for example) should be possible without the VFR map crashing, ND display no longer animating at 10nm and 20nm scale, and ending up with a route with 150 to 180 degree turns while AP gives up and starts flying back to an earlier waypoint.

I usually have to wipe the route first by creating a new USER → Destination direct route, to then re-insert the approach path to get around the issues. Then switch off the co-pilot on the radio or he’ll announce a missed approach on short final on the new route (while staying silent until then)

I also noticed that the ILS frequency didn’t get populated anymore in the MCDU when setting an approach in the air. (Already didn’t when setting it up in the world map)

Most of my IFR flights end up more like Airplane (the movie) than anything that resembles real world flying. It can be entertaining if not very chaotic.

Here’s an example of fun with IFR approaches in FS2020

Getting a couple go around calls, ending up with a spaghetti knot route.

Faro seems to be ok now? Have you checked again?

May contact you?

But to be OT:
I’m quite happy with WU6, was already happy with SU5 to be honest though. I also had my ctd’s mainly my own fault, and once in a while because of two mods combined i refuse to remove (g3000 and tbm improv). But, did not yet encountered after wu6, which i find odd (■■■■, i jinxed it now).

I only have one complaint, ATC… not sure if i should be happy with them knowing i like mountain sides and they offer me to spare me the cab ride.

And for other things, why should i complain, there will be improvements, there will be fixes. Mentioning them, sure, definitely, but while trying to be constructive.

But all in all, wu6 for me improved the experience more then su5 did.

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Same exact problem for me!! I’ve tried everything and can’t get the download to stop looping.

HI there, What is the size of the download for MSFS 2020, I have the Premium Deluxe Version? With all the negativity about the Sim…I am debating whether to install the Sim…Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA