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Again, I challenge you to fly around in rural areas looking at farms and hamlets and then find one on Google that also has a 5 story office block.

You realise someone out there is now going to make it their life’s work to prove you wrong, don’t you? :wink:

The worlds a big place, after all.

Heh, yeah there’s bound to be at least one old farm that’s been turned into a technology park for real.

Probably you have the same problem as I had. Skyscrapers everywhere despite the Japan patch. Japan update did not fix anything.

The only thing that really helped me was this:

Try it, maybe it will help you too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Look further up the thread. This DOES NOT solve 5 story office blocks all over the countryside.

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you might want to comment on tall buildings in the dedicated discussion?

There has been further development since the 1.9.5 release and further discoveries, but first let me assure you v1.9.5 is solving the tall building issue for which a fix was necessary. I know, I’m the author of the fix:

Now there are still places with inaccurate buildings for the place but this is not related to the “tall building” bug. For example another user has posted the modifications to the building definition file in order to make Morocco buildings closer to reality (but with the side effect to lower Cairo’s buildings unfortunately):

And there are other tall buildings caused by 3rd party scenery, like the one explained here:

And corrected when removing the 3rd party scenery:


i had to reinstall the digital ownership from the Microsoft Store. That solved it for me

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I’d really suggest you post a screenshot and exact location (LAT/LON) in the aforementioned dedicated discussion, otherwise most you comments which are certainly true might be interpreted as ranting while I believe you’re calling for assistance instead.


That makes sense, as it certainly sounds like a license/DRM issue.

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I reported this to zendesk a few weeks ago. It seems specific to certain ATC voices.

It’s not about single buildings in specific places, it’s…for example…about the entire landmass of England. Another fella above said it’s the same in Germany. I’ll go look but I’m fairly confident it’ll be the same in all of the western world. I’ll even go check the 3rd world world but for now, here I am, 5 miles south of EGTF. Every single farm / hamlet has one or more office blocks:

I’ve updated to, been to the content manager and updated the two japan modules, deleted and redownloaded the bf-pgg folder.

Edit: Ok, I just looked at a random area of southern France and the office blocks are gone, there’s just 2 story farmhouses. Maybe it’s just England and Germany. Requires further testing, standby.

RNAV/ILS approaches were broken in either patch 2 or 3. ILS seems to be working somewhat, but I haven’t flown much lately.

Thank you for illustrating this. I’ve probably an idea and a fix for UK I’d check first on my end.

I’d still suggest you do in the dedicated discussion instead:

In centralizing this issue in 1 single discussion this will help Asobo having comparison points and user reports they can cross-check. And voting the discussion, if not done already, will give it more exposure to Asobo.

Buildings are still to tall. This is before v1.9.5.0.

This is today. Clearly not fixed. This a small fishing village on the western most island of the Aleutian Islands. Grass strip.


Easier with LAT/LON…

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Just use taxi assist, and you will see where your supposed to go/be, it’d be nice to have a feature like that in real airports.

like your post says you’re a newbie. We all were at one time. But you have to realize the majority of these non constructive posts are from seasoned flight simmers.
So if there were green fields of holly and FS2020 was 100% then you’d see more constructive posts. BUT its a frickin mess.
I remember before release I was saying its a mess. And I was all shot down by the MS fanboys


If the posts aren’t constructive, then what is the purpose of posting in the first place? What is the objective of that post. All it does is get peoples backs up. Surely it would be better to just step away, go for a walk, or whatever.

Persistent posters like that are likely just going to end up on a lot of peoples ignore lists, and then they really are just shouting in to the void.

A question to ask oneself is, what does this post add to the conversation? What am I contributing to this thread? If you can’t think of anything, maybe you shouldn’t post.


Thats Future! Modern Farmers needs Offices and Headquarters

In day od update 4 after update in my city all buildings where fixed! Just Perfect like on real world. But day after update everything came back to state before update 4. WHYYY???