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People are unhappy because these patches are breaking more than they fix for a lot of people. They’re just bad.

Why is this a hard thing to comprehend for you?

As paying customers we have a right to get working software, especially for add-on aircraft that you can’t fly without some kind of workaround or community fix.

If they delayed releasing 80% of the aircraft until they were properly tested we wouldn’t be in this situation.

If they didn’t rush the release with outstanding bugs alpha testers reported we wouldn’t be in this situation.

I’m such a fan of this sim and even I am getting ready to shelf it until a year passes at this pace.


Yea because I just performed a flight from LFPG - LSGG and the A320 worked great from takeoff to landing. Good to hear its working for you now.


A320neo functions correctly here as well.


Of course it didn’t

maybe it comes with the update and not with the patch?

Stating the obvious, so apologies, but have you tried the “only 2 aircraft” fix in the known issues:

Clean all your caches.
It’s something you should do after every update. Asobo should add it in the release notes.

As well as going to the content manager to download the new patches.

They have - they say it was an error, it wasn’t meant to be in this update, and they have apologised - Forum Announcements: Bugs/Issues, Moderation, and Feedback Snapshot


What exactly is it that is, in your view, wrong with the current patch?

Very good update Asobo, nothing negative to report from me, the sim with Mooney is a joy to use


I agree with everything you say here other than:

Unfortunately, l’m pretty sure that these complaints are not limited to teenagers, although they may be limited to people who haven’t matured to adulthood yet :grin:

For press any key - check you’ve not got a controller button stuck or something - someone else had the same behaviour and that was their “issue”. My solution to press any key is very simple though. I press a key. Works every time!


Hi Mfs! I have a high en computer, but the performance is still dreadful i have try everything , from forums, youtube, nivida chat support.
I have inteö core i 9 10700k, RTX 2080 TI 11GB , Ssd 970 evo, 650 mbit internet speed, 144 hz g-sync screen.
The cockpit is still lagging very much when im turning around in the cockpit…

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What´s happen?!? Since yesterday, i cant download the patch or play FS.
And YES, i have restart my PC.


I have written a TO DO list of things to check after each patch/update. It can help avoiding a few traps.

I have the same Problem.

How do i clean all catches?

Are you absolutely sure the weather is not affecting the plane? What is the wind strength and direction?

Being around dark clouds it looks like turbulence to me, roughly +/- 50ftm, rather than AP errors. There could be updrafts and downdrafts.

I noticed more turbulence on the A320. Possibly the live weather has a more realistic effect in 1.9.5 for all planes.
Also A320 AP is now tuned to be smoother.

I was impressed how a 50kt wind at FL340 was handled; it was coming at 45 degrees to the cockpit. The AP calculated a new heading, about 4 degrees away from course to compensate.

Cheers Paul

One or more of your mod are not compatible. You can find some post on the forum about it. Regards

I, being one of Microsobo’s harshest critics, found this update, although small, refreshingly better than all the prior updates. Yea not much was fixed and the click to start was not removed (which I could care less about TBH). Nothing new was broken and they did manage to improve the autopilot oscillations. If they can continue this pace and not break anything major along the way we may end up with our next generation flight simulator in 12-18 months. In the meantime we can take advantage of the things that do work well in this game/soon to be sim. For these reasons I have been brought back from the edge of giving up.

Going forward I hope they prioritize basic FMS and VNAV functionality and work on the various LOD issues dealing with photogrammetry and trees. Also would like sharper ortho imagery when at FL350. Currently looks like something like a zoom level 13 image when we should have something like ZL 16 or 17 even.


How can I prevent the update from happening for several days?
In the meantime, I’m interested in playing with the current situation.