Discussion: Update #5 (

5 gb to go! And then into the night, flying over water and land!

Just cut and paste into temporary holding folder and start moving mods back in to test for conflicts.

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  • Live weather fails to save properly after restarting the game

What does this mean? What is being saved? Shouldn’t it be updated to whatever the current live weather is after restarting?


You can also update, and then move mods out if there are issues. Cuz the community folder stuff doesn’t affect the updater tool

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does this mean that the AI Pilot will work correctly now?

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just a question…
is a clean installation recommended for this update ?
or is it not necessary

thanks and good load ^^

i dont agree.

After 1.9.5 i got CDT due to using mods and hidden content on the market due to some liveries.

After doing that all worked fine to me.

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Now the game doesn’t open at all, just updated in microsoft store, Is anyone have a solution for this ?

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Downloading 7.52 GB. Getting really nice download speeds from MS now - in the past it never reached my ISPs available speed. I would be lucky to get even get 20-35 Mbps from MS download servers. It is downloading at 200Mbps for me. Not sure if they fixed it (Thank you!) or because other did not start downloading theirs yet. :wink:



New temporal AA has been implemented,

What does this mean?


The game doesn’t open for me, can anyone help ?


It probably means that jagged edges should be gone now when using TAA since it also upsamples the image.

Should help especially when game is rendered below 100% render scale.

France I love you and I am with you


Downloading too, little suprised but maybe they got the AP fixed. coming down very fast for me

Can anyone help ???

sorry i did not get your point - community folder is not related to the update itself.

I meant it’s better to clean up the folder to avoid issues during flights.

Have you restarted your PC?

What exactly does that mean? Can you describe the symptoms? In my case, I had a black screen for some time, and then the early part of the load seemed to be slower. You may just need to give it time. Check performance in Task Manager and if you are still getting CPU activity, etc. I’d leave it alone and give it time to do its thing…

Does anyone finish the download? and how you saw night lighing and night water reflections so far?

I must have misheard during the stream replay. Is CPU improvements in 6 or 7?