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hey monette, could you tell me how to use the replay mode then ? ill be so gracefull

I have Microsoft Store MSFS 2020.
What a hell is going on ? PLEASE!!!
All my mods and plugins. GONE.
MSFS2020 Menus 90% blocked.
I will have to uninstall MSFS2020 for the 2 time after an update.
Serious my friends, after 26 years with FSX and Microsft , im done.
I should have listen and wait. 120 pounds!!!
Still a wonderfull simulator with a lot to go.
Today to be honest i will spend the same amount of money with my family and another one for P3D v5.
For now i.m star to be stressful with this simulator and that’s not what i’m looking for.
Really Asobo, i believe on you guys , but i think money spoke louder this time .
What a dissapoitment im on now…
Sorry …


Prior to the Steam update, did you “verify game files”? Because if you do chose that option, steam effectively deletes all your installed files (and purcahse keys), and downloads fresh, hence the 98GB downloads.

Oh ok it’s a bug.

I have same problem yesterday and completed two times thinking i did something wrong…

Every patch more bug and no correction of the old one…

By having a team of testers in the community with different rigs so that a wide range of setups and hardware configurations are used to test each patch before general release. People who volunteer to test don’t mind glitches when they know they are testing specifically to look for them and help debug new code. But the approach Asobo adopt now, using the whole community to debug is clearly doing more harm than good.

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How is the high rise building issue with other folks here?

I don’t see the option to download the latest patch I just downloaded Japan some 400 MB but 8GB - I can’t download the patch

Yeah, because there actually were waves. Downgraded water…

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A classic case of Rubbish in = Rubbish out

Not knocking anyone in particular, but by flooding ASOBO with so many “Phantom” Bug reports, because you do not comprehend the software, is going to overload their limited resources, and slow any fixes to a crawl.

As many have said, they might do a lot better with a Limited set of “experienced” Flight Simulator users, and concentrate on the Bug Reports from them first, before letting be a Free for All from the whole Flight Sim and Gaming Community.

My 2 cents, which is probably all it is worth.

One thing I know for sure, as much as I am a Flight Sim enthusiast , I would not want to work for, or be sub-contacted by either Microsoft or Asobo and be working on MSFS.

You know, at the end of the testing phase, we actually proposed them to keep us testers for the future. They just closed down the forums, and locked the test version.
I am not complaining about Asobo. I really don’t. But I agree, they should have kept us testers.

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I must admit, I also found the whole “Update + Japan” unnecessarily confusing.

Why they chose to do BOTH at the same time , seems Crazy.

DemurerSeal7085 This may help you …

Now you know there is an update ( and I assume your MSFS may not stay running anymore ?)

  1. Close MSFS
  2. Log into your Microsoft or Steam account and check YOUR Purchases.
  3. You should see the Update there.
  4. Select it to install, and let it download .
  5. When that is complete, start up MSFS, and it should finish the install, and you are set to go.
  6. You can then , in MSFS go to your List of Installed items, see Japan there, with an option to download, and you can download that form within MSFS.

I purchased through Microsoft store, and this worked for me.

The problem I initially had, when I 1st started MSFS after the Paths was available, is that MSFS detected the need for the update, and loaded the Microsoft store, but MSFS was still running, so the store download install LOCKED up, even if MSFS was then closed.

Had to go in again with MSFS NOT running to get the Patch/Update.
After that, all went well.

Best thing about the Update : Joystick Sensitivity GUI restore, so hopefully no more “######” Post in the forum about not being able to “Play” the “GAME” becuse the sensitivity cannot be adjusted (sigh)

What’s PG?

LOL No point in keeping those Select Testers, if they ignore almost all the Bug Reports from them.

I have no idea how “select” those Testers were, but if they kept them, maybe they should have pruned them down to the ones that had provided and presented their Bug reports in the most useful way to ASOBO. (read between the lines)


Parental Guidance (PG), a content rating in motion picture content rating systems and television content rating systems
Also use to rate Computer games

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One of the critical bugs appeared now.

AP does not follow path and instead turns right and kills the plane. Vanilla, without any mod.

hehe i see what you mean :slight_smile:

hi guys, each landing my sim crash ctd, i cant play :frowning: i test with vfr windows open or close it is the same result, i reinstall msf complete and same result, my nvidia driver are ok, before the patch all was right, do you have any ideas…thanks

…so near and yet so far!
The earlier-posted freeware version is so much better than the ‘official’ version released today.
Is there a way to get the earlier freeware version to show instead of the new version?
(I temporarily moved the freeware version files away from the sim…)
Hopefully Osabo will patch an update soon…?

2 years later, when the official TSA report comes out … Pilot error

Do you know exactly what went wrong there ? … SO MANY things … :slight_smile:

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3rd CTD, these are my firsts since game release. Always japan, tokyo area, VFR map open since the beginning, text-to-speech both azure or local, more or less approach phase.
The 3rd CTD started with camera turning left, no way to adjust it, after having pressed 6 on the numpad the plane started a small turn and then the game crashed. The 1st 2 crashed in the middle of noting.
Beechcraft 350i, Diamond DA62 - Nvidia 2080 8GB
First 3 game versions were ok, no CTD at all.

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