Discussion: World Update II: USA

We’re clearly not flying in the same circles.

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Oh please!

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And unsurprisingly an update breaks a mod. What did you expect to happen? Give those guys a few days and they’ll fix it. This sort of thing is true for every game ever - mods need to be updated after game updates.

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Those are supposed to be cranes at the ports, not much any changes I make to the system are going to correct rendering of objects by MSFS

Looks like there’s a bug with monument valley:

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Nope. I’m having fun and enjoying the 29th leg of my round the world tour, flying IFR, VFR, ILS full flight planning with Navigraph and Little Nav Map.


You might want to embrace the new flight simming community. They might just fund your multi monitor support - which, by the way, with my 3 monitors, I wouldn’t say no to either


I hope it was just the mod, that I understand and the guys have it fixed in no time.
I was responding to someone who didn’t have the mod and the ILS was not captured.
So yes I sure hope it is the mod, because that gets fixed a opposed to the other stuff from Adobe regarding Avionics etc.

That’s PG. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off and go autogen. Your choice.

Getting 70-80 FPS on the Alaska bush trip with a 9700k and 3080 @ 1440p ultra… there have definitely been some improvements under the hood!

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Approaching Philadelphia

Both pretty good here - sim not so good on the further away bridge (and the nearby bridge seems to have acquired a spurious tree, but pretty close. I’ll give it to Google on the strength of the bridges

Sim 4.5-3.5 Google

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I have an RTX 3080 and Threadripper Pro 3960. The 3080 is always under a heavy load, and the 3690 is usually at about 5-8% load. This was the case before and after Update 7. I was hopeful for the multi-thread update, but there must be more work to be done. It was supposed to be in Update 6, and got pushed to update 7, but it doesn’t look like it made the cut. Even though my 3080 is usually between 85-100% loaded, I mostly see “Main Thread” limitations when in Dev Mode.

I’m in the camp of enjoying the development journey and providing constructive feedback, while trying to be as patient as possible. Simmers need to understand that gamers help make Asobo’s efforts possible and vice versa; each group has their own interests, but BOTH are important to the economy of this kind of endeavor. If Asobo only focusses on the interests of gamers, they will lose too many simmers, and this is also true in the reverse. So I think a little patience is warranted in both camps because it will take ALL of our support to keep this alive for years to come. We’re only a few months into this, and even though I have developed my own wish list, I am still thoroughly enjoying MS Flight Simulator 2020.


I just completed my first short post-patch flight from KMDW to KDNV in the TBM. Captured and flew the ILS21 with no problem.

I normally use the Working Title G3000 mod with the TBM, but I removed it before installing the patch until the WT folks confirm it is compatible, so this was strictly default.

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well things are coming along nicely - ITS GETTING GOOD !


My FPS is significantly lower after update… was in 20/30s … now in teens.

Any before/after comparison shots?

Same problem with me I use that a lot to move my camera around the plane

statue of liberty looks great

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Downtown Philadelphia

Sim for me on this one

Sim 5.5-3.5 Google

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I can see the statue of liberty from my house in the UK. Its very small of course :slight_smile:


That made me laugh out loud - literally :laughing:

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