Discussion: World Update II: USA

Same issue with a 3700x and 3080.
Framerates have absolutely tanked around most of the US since update. GPU usage is sitting around 50%.

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i’m afraid i didn’t understand correctly excuse me! the game and windows are original if that’s what you mean. i wanted to ask if there is a way to reset the settings on microsoft cloud! at this point i think it’s the cause.
I have already uninstalled nvidia experience but it doesn’t work anyway. with version 1.9. i had a fairytale graphics as possible…i feel like crying!

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Ah, gotcha!

Did you disable rolling cache?

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thanks for help dear friend! yes and have reactivate 1000 times

Did you try throwing away the UserCfg file?

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Night lighting (example approach to ILS23-EGPF. Now seems overly bright and doesnt have the same mix of col freq. I went back to an old screenshot to check. Also, i could be wrong but the landing I just had felt a bit dead (TBM930) and that was with a small gust cross-wind. Felt like a different flight model when I landed i pointed at the ground and it flew straight in needing no rudder for wind correction. The second I got on the ground the x-wind component needed correcting. Strange. I also noticed a take off from UT25 in the Cessna-Long also felt flat and needed little correction for x-wind. Will do a bit more flying. Here are the pics … same settings. 1st image 13th Sept 2020, the second today.

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yes…i also reinstalled windows by formatting the disk! reinstalled fs2020. i have a big doubt! after reinstalling everything i restored microsoft edge and this also brought back the windows background i had before formatting! it’s not that it restores fs settings too? i really have no solution.

Could it be a network issue? Virus scanner? Firewall? Wrong settings in FS2020?

internet is low… 5mb but version 1.9 and 1.10 is ok! graphics perfect

If it is indeed stored in the cloud it might download it right back? Very weird…

You could try to manually download an area and see if that works?

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thanks! have also did that but nothing changes… this video I had already posted it and explains everything well. thanks to all of you. I want to fly again, I’m destroyed!!! I guess fs2020 and worse than a beautiful woman eheheheh

What exactly are you expecting from the graphics?

i have 0 trees! not have one trees in all simulation please see my video thanks!!

Your highlighting areas of the airport, between runways, and taxiways.

They don’t tend to be covered in masses of trees.

What is the airport in your video ?

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RCTP taiwan. but this problem is present in other airport.( kennedy airport new york for example)

Heelo evrerybody! Exatct same things here! The brigde are a wall!

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Ciao, try Venezia LIPZ.
Very short final to rw 04 left or right is a plenty of absurde trees in lagoon.