Discussion: World Update II: USA

Totally a huge noticeable drop in performance especially with volumetric clouds on full. HUGE fps loss.

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My POI’s failed to download too once. After the main downloads were completed, I just clicked ‘Download’ again, and they successfully downloaded the second time.

Sooo, I’ve noticed a lot more photogrammetric bushes and trees around at least one of my local airports (I haven’t flown much since last night, and I was mainly testing a whole lot of ways of fixing the issues I’m seeing).

I wonder if performance is down because there’s a whole lot more photogrammetric bushes and stuff overpopulating everywhere, clogging up the graphics? Stuff we can barely see as we fly, and stuff that is exceedlingly ugly when we can see it.

I imagine, when they “fixed” photogrammetry, they probably introduced a whole lot more unintended consequences that need to be found and fixed.

Same here. Ryzen 5 3600/5600 xt. Just flew out of Atlanta, going from around 30 plus fps before update to around 15. Same in New York, same in LA. Chicago is now totally unflyable.

Try turning off mfaa and fxaa in nvidia control panel. Seen some reports of that improving performance

Yep, they are both off.

One positive thing I’d like to report is it now seems you no longer have to set your UserCfg.opt file to read only for your manual changes to stick. Now when I launch the game it retains my LOD and film grain settings. Used to always reset them.

Yes great job on the Niagara Falls. Apart from the Rainbow Bridge the falls itself look much better now.

Also the town on both sides of the border has photogrametry now. The only minor complaint would be that the photogrametric area does not blend with surroundings well.


please someone help me… no one wants to give me a little help? I am desperate for days now … please .

That looks awesome!

Those settings are supposedly cloud based, so even a full re-install would not wipe those. Never done it myself to test, but that’s what I have read.

For the other issue, as a test, regardless of performance issues, try resetting your graphics to the Ultra preset, then take a look, and see if that gets your trees back.

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Or corrupt rolling cache maybe? Don’t know if that is reset with a re-install?


I have say, I am extremely happy with this update so far. The area around my local airstrip in upstate NY looks better, and I think the graphics in general seem a little crisper/better, although this may just be my reaction to subtle changes in the foliage and buildings. I don’t notice any significant difference in performance, but that has never been a serious issue for me.

More importantly, the C172 seems to handle much better. A strange tendency to continually roll to the right is gone, as are some pitch fluctuations I was experiencing. And even more cool, there actually seems to be noticeable adverse yaw now. The inclinometer no longer just sits still when I turn.

All is not perfect, however. I noticed a magical tree hovering about a foot off the ground near the landing strip. But I can certainly forgive things like that at this point in the life of the sim.

Overall, I have to say Excellent Job to the devs at Asobo. Keep up the good work!!


At Kennedy Space Center I got a custom Visitor’s Center but nothing else – no VAB, no launchpads. Yes, I downloaded the USA pack after installing the update. Thread over on Kennedy Space Center missing Vehicle Assembly Building and launch pads in USA Update? at least one other person reporting the same.

Same, I think the VAB was there before (as a tall building with nothing on it) but its now flat building with a huge shadow :sweat_smile:. I have seen a mod somewhere which adds launchpads 39A / B and a Falcon Heavy on 39A.

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Just got a CTD just south of Baltimore on the discovery flight. Everything was going pretty well to that point. I was getting 30-45fps with only 3 big stutters along the way. But when it crashed it went right from 35fps to desktop without a stutter. It may have something to do with my proximity to DC but I’ll have try another flight later to check.

Did you still need some help?

unfortunately it’s really incredible. neither low nor medium nor high and not even ultra are taken into account in the settings. it seems stuck remains the graphics as if it was fs2004! no trees but the line is there. photogrammetry and bing on and the rolling cache has been cleared twenty times. it does both on and off! also i have europa servers that works perfectly! no bing data is loaded in the sim in my opinion… when i restart fs nvidia experience says that the graphics is set to low and it doesn’t change anything even if i set nvidia to ultra… go back to low! i tried to disconnect from xbox and re-enter but nothing! can i try to make a new user on xbox?

I uninstalled nvidia experience but nothing to do, it does not go!

Hi guys,
This update did well in USA worse than it did in this great usa update. Slowly we achieve that the graphics will be like in flight simulator 95. i can only congratulate i am sorry i spent on this.
Triangular houses in new york flashing textures ugly bridges growing fps. can I somehow restore the original version? that would be good because then it would at least be a pleasure so just annoyance.

I would definitely disabled Nvidia experience. Some people swear by it, others at it! I don’t use it myself. I don’t know how you paid for the sim, but it may be tied to your Microsoft account, so don’t create another one of those.

It may just be that NE is overriding your settings?