Kennedy Space Center missing Vehicle Assembly Building and launch pads in USA Update?

I checked out Florida’s Kennedy Space Center last week before the update, and saw that the Vehicle Assembly Building and the launch gantry on pad 39A had correct dimensions but appeared as generic buildings. I checked today, after installing the new update that promises Kennedy Space Center, and while the visitor center looks nice the Vehicle Assembly Building appears to be missing or replaced with a very short 4-story building, and the launch pad and gantry at pad 39A are missing entirely.

Will report to Zendesk…

Did you download the actual USA update from the marketplace? It’s a seperate download

I sure did.

Yup. I have the same problem. Nothing to view and screens just like yours.

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You might want to try and complement the Asobo updates with Acktu’s SpaceX scenery (which pre-dates 11.6). I haven’t wandered down to Canaveral since the update pushed (I’m too busy checking out the mid-west), but they might complement each other since it seems most of the updates from Asobo are on the museum side?


Thanks for posting link to my scenery! :slight_smile: Yes, my addon works perfectly with the new USA update. Keep in mind I plan to add more to that scenery specifically more launch pads further down. I was also planning on adding the visitor’s center but thankfully Asobo did it and now I don’t have to. :sweat_smile:

Don’t forget to go looking for the two SpaceX boosters that are in their landed positions and also the mercury-redstone rocket. They are much smaller and hard to spot if you are not looking for them. :rocket:


I already found them! Redstone was not easy. Easily my favorite addon. Thank you!!!

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I can confirm, too. This is what the Vehicle Assembly Building looked like before the update. Didn’t look great, but at least a sizeable building, as it does in real life.


I just came onto this forum to say the same thing. Seems odd to go to all the effort of the visitors centre and miss out the launch pads and the assembly plant :confused:

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What I found really funny was that you can clearly see in your pic (and in my flight over the VAB today) that the shadow is being modelled correctly! That made me laugh a bit. I should try flying at the level that the building would be and see if there is a collision with an invisible building!

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As I saw this post and how long ago the first posts were written, I understood that they (Microsoft and Asobo) dont give a “snack” at all about that, and we only can dream about any updating, so a waste of time, sad. PC users can easy apply any add-ons, but unfortunately Xbox users have to accept only basic sponge cake without the cream and the cherry. :man_facepalming::pensive: