Display FPS Without Developer Mode Using Launch Option

There is a way to display FPS using launch option without developer mode. Yet I’m totally forgot about this option. I already search Google and can’t find reference about this. I’ve already done it in the past, now regretting not saving this option. Any help would be appreciated.

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If you’re on Steam, Steam will display this for you (look in the Steam Client as I forget exactly where this is). It just displays the number in a small format in the corner of the screen.

Thanks for the tip, although there is a native way to show this via launch option. I saw it once and use it, now I forgot about it and can’t find it everywhere.

Yeah, I know about the Steam one. What I meant is MSFS native FPS counter. There is a way to show it without developer mode. Via a specific launch option on Steam.

I do not find the source anymore but it was -showFramerate and -showFramerateMini


Ah yes, finally, thank you for reminding me.

Where is possible to find these settings?

They’re launch options not settings. If you’re on Steam, you can add them to your launch options.

Any idea about MS Store

There are some workarounds how to enable launch options on MS Store version. I don’t know about the specific since I use the Steam version. Although if you search for “MSFS launch options store version” you should find them.

Thanks for your tips

For store version you have to make a desktop shortcut via xbox app. Then you can add the launch option within the shortcut option.


here :slight_smile:



How does the command-line need to look like?

In your shortcut properties just add
-showFramerate at the end of the path to the app.

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