DLSS:DLAA Mode highly recommended! It’s WOW!

Good Morning my fellow flight simmers,

I never post or comment anything here but this time I thought that I must share something with you.

After having spent several hours on trying the best possible graphics settings on my PC setup I fell in love and found the best possible FPS and visual quality when using NVIDIAs DLSS mode (as opposed to TAA or any other). Then I tested the different resolutions mode such as Performance, Quality, Balanced…

I was about to switch back to TAA mode since everything seemed to be blurry when looking at the cockpit textures or external textures. Then I found a mode… THE DLAA Super Resolution Mode and FELL IN LOVE!

This by far is the best setting I have ever found and I can only recommend it to you, that’s why I am posting this. Very sharp textures, no flickering textures and incredibly good FPS!

Try it out, it’s worth it! I could not find any post on that that’s why I decided to share this with you. If you’re not happy just switch back to your former modes. If you’re as happy as me using it, let me know. For me it’s a game changer in the current beta.

EDIT: Using DX11 / Vsync on


i5-9600k @ 5.1 GHz (air-cooled by bequiet Dark Rock Pro 4)
RTX 2080 Super OC
ASUS Strix Z370-F
32 GB Rolling Cache

I found DLAA to have the exact same downside as DLSS: bad temporal ghosting on glass avionics displays, making it unusable for me. Other than that it would have been quite nice!


So two opposite reports. I’m now curious to try it when I get home from work.

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AMD user here. Just tried using DLAA coming from FSR using Super Resolution and the FPS are pretty much the same. But I do like that it doesn’t have the ghosting of the MCP numbers in the 737 or the slow fade of lights in the cockpit when switched on or off. Will have to give it a trial flight run.


I cannot confirm that, I have crystal clear screens always with this mode.

Exactly. FPS do not differ much to TAA mode but that is system-dependent. But you’re right, I do not have ghosting as well and that a huge advantage of this mode.

AMD doesn’t have the DLAA option you are referring to! It’s normally toggled under the Nvidia DLSS super resolution tab not the main DLAA setting.

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Confusing naming conventions on all sides with these technologies…

I use AMD too and have recently turned down my ingame resolution by almost 40% and then used AMD Adrenaline‘s FSR. Works great, smooth and clear, no ghosting. Downside: it turns off everytime the sim loses focus (for example when dealing with charts) and not usable in VR.

unfortunately I have to agree.

But it’s a bit better than the other ‘normal’ DLSS modes ( down-scaling ) and the image quality itself is better. In special it can better avoid AA stuff and so I use that since we got that DLSS SuperResolution mode far before SU12beta.

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Please excuse my ignorance but where do I find/set DLAA Super Resolution Mode?

choose DLSS Super Resolution, then you get a new settings field ( if you choose TAA there is the 0-100 slider at these position ).

But be aware: DLSS-DLAA ( not mix-up with the other existing DLAA ) does not do an downscale. It use the native resolution to make the image better. Thus no performance beneffit for users which use DLSS to get better fps.



still causes display ghosting with this, otherwise i prefer it over TAA also.
Asobo and Nvidia needs to figure out how to make the displays not ghost.

Also Asobo needs to try FSR 2.2 as well, it has new motion stuff vs ghosting.


Here’s my two cents.


there are two DLAA setting in MSFS menu.
One is found in the anti aliasing settings along side taa, fxaa, nvidia dlss, and fsr etc. Don’t know what this setting does but this setting is available for all gpus including AMD and possibly Intel too.

The other one is actually a nvidia dlss mode found in the dlss quality settings where you can select Quality, Balanced, Performance, Ultra Performance and DLAA. When the mode is set to DLAA, the scene is rendered in native resolution and only the anti-aliasing part of the dlss is applied to the scene unlike other dlss modes where it’s a combination of upscaling and anti-aliasing. This mode is only available for dlss capable GPUs, i.e all GeForce RTX series graphics cards.


About the quality of DLAA, in my testing from a few months back when it was introduced as a DLSS mode, it’s great when it comes to reducing the shimmering that we get from TAA on fine detail. But it has the same motion blur or ghosting issues on moving elements in glass panel displays. So altitude tapes, speed tapes becomes a blur during climb and descent. I am eagerly waiting for this to be solved so that I can ditch TAA for good. But not sure if they will ever be able to fix this, atleast not without some serious help from Nvidia.


an old topic explained it:



I cannot confirm this. For me everything remains crisp and clear during all phases of flight. Otherwise I would not have recommended in my original post.

it is better than the other DLSS variants, but the disadvantages are present. You not notice it much in normal conditions, but e.g. at fast moving objects and of course in some situations in the dials.

And that is not a MSFS issue, it is just the nvidia algorithm. I can notice that in other games too, e.g. Cyberpunk2077 etc.

But yes, for me is this the best setting we have currently too. Precondition: a powerfull GPU , at least for DLAA in 4K :wink:


TAA is the best for me still, till they fix the ghosting on upsampling tech this won’t do any good on digital displays etc


I’ll double check again, but I have encountered this. Believe me, that’s the only reason why i am still using taa. I hate the shimmering in fine detail caused by taa. But hated the ghosting caused by DLSS/DLAA more. For a plane with all analog instruments, DLAA is no brainer.


I have super resolution set in my graphics settings and in MSFS I have it set to DLAA. So I’m assuming it’s doing its thing. Only FSR is the newer available option under DX12 and that gives ghosting on the MCP and readouts. I’ll try DLAA and see what happens.

What do you mean you turned down the resolution in game? How are you not getting ghosting? I thought that was just a side effect of using FSR since it’s still in beta.