Do you have odyssey + and Reverb G2, please provide your feedback

I definitely miss the OLED.

Sorry dude.

Will there be an Odyssey 2? this is the question…


I have the Samsung Odessey +. I was hoping microsoft could add hand controller support as a priority. When using the mouse for cockpit button clicking it is cumberson, it is very unreliable. Thank you.

Oh, gosh, I hope not! lol

I’ve never been that critical of the FOV, but a friend of mine who has an Index is always going on about how the FOV is the key to truly immersive VR and he thinks even 110 degrees is too narrow. The two biggest issues I have with the Index are the external tracking units (would be nearly impossible to position properly in my current apartment) and the $1000 price tag.

Although I still haven’t reverted to the older nVidia drivers yet to see if they will help with the VR stuttering, I’m about ready to just give up on FS20 in VR and play on my 2K monitor, which still gives me a great simulation experience.

UPDATE: I watched a video on YT that shows a test of the FOV of the top VR headsets, and the G2’s actual FOV is 98 degrees, rather than 88. Likewise, the O+ actual FOV was measured at 102, and not 110. So, in the real world, it would only be a different of 4 degrees, which I could live with.

Out of curiosity, I flipped to the newest hotfix drivers – 460.97 – and performance immediately decreased. I went back to 457.30 and it was a noticeable improvement in performance. There must be something going on with those drivers.

I would love to upgrade to a G2. I have an Odyssey+ now, and I love it for the most part. Clarity of the cockpit gauges and such irritate me, as I do find I have to move closer to sometimes read the displays.

What really bothers me however, is black smearing when flying at night. The OLED panels don’t keep up when flying at night, and the result is that I get smearing blacks across the display. I’ve seen the same on phones with OLED screens when the screen brightness is turned down. I love the look of flying at night, but I wish I could eliminate the smearing.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that black smearing effect in pretty much every VR game that involves darkened environments. It’s annoying when I look for it, but I think I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t notice it as much now. But, if the LCD panels in the G2 eliminate that problem, I might consider that a fair trade for the lighter black levels.

Truth! You cannot beat those vivid colors and true blacks. Hopefully HP or Samsung make a 4k with OLED.

Bummed to hear 460.97 has poor performance. Seems now I’m fighting a balance between two different pieces of software. On one side, FS2020, and on the other, iRacing.

iRacing runs worse on 457.30… but FS2020 tanks on 460.* (tho I have not personally tried .97).

Oh, that’s just great – and another thing that is going to make it harder to hop back in. I was almost exclusively on iRacing until this summer when I started flight simming again, and I’ve been upset with myself for letting my gear collect dust. This is one of the problems with VR – each application requires so many tweaks/understanding of the latest recommendations that coming back to it after a few months can require hours of prep before a single lap/flight. Same deal with DCS.

No smearing with the G2 but the night flying almost looks like there’s smoke in the cockpit, definitely not better than the Odyssey. However, the G2 clarity is awesome (basically no screen door effect).

Same. I really miss the deep blacks from my O+, but the resolution made panel legibility SO bad that I would never consider going back.

Hello, I have the G2 and wear glasses. My cockpit is slightly fuzzy and when I look outside it is very fuzzy. Does anyone have that too?
Thank you

This is most likely a result of your resolution, not so much the glasses (as the G2 was designed almost to a fault to accommodate glasses)

What are your OpenXR and In-game Render Scale settings?

Thank you, OpenXR 60 and Renderscale 100.
but I’ve tried several settings

Interesting – at that, you should be getting decent clarity. Did you see the other thread regarding the G2/sweetspot by @CptLucky8 ? I found that I had similar issues until I got it situated correctly on my head. I had the top strap way too tight and didnt realize how much it sort of… clamshells around your head.

Thank you very much

Is this the discussion you’re referring to?
PSA: Reverb G2 small sweet spots, observations and solutions

Would you mind evaluating what do you used to see when not wearing it correctly, and what do you see now, according to this:

PSA: Reverb G2 small sweet spots, observations and solutions - #115 by CptLucky8

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