Do you need to learn to fly in Flight sim?

Hey all,
It seems like a pretty common question on the forums, people just looking for help learning to fly.

I am not a flight instructor, but I am a private pilot (currently inactive IRL). I am in the Western U.S. and usually can make time in the evenings, or sometimes on weekend days.

I’m not asking for money or anything from you. Just offering to assist.

Discord would be the tool for any voice or shared video.

I’m interested in helping new people get started with the basic concepts and techniques of flying, navigation, etc.

It is not my intent to pretend I’m a real instructor, or play a game of who knows the most stuff with other pilots. This is casual, its not real world training. I just want to give people a way to get off the ground and be able to do the flights they want to do, etc.

If you already know how to fly but just want to know about some little procedure or technique, I’m happy to answer if I can, too.

We will start in simple planes and work up from there, so if you don’t have the patience to slow down and learn, I might not be what you’re looking for. But if you really do want to understand a bit, and be able to complete your flights in one piece (even though maybe not exactly as we’d do in real life), then I’d like to help you out.

Shoot me a PM on the forum here if you want to talk more.

******************* New Info below ******************

Having now had some time to talk to a number of you, I wanted to add that when you get in touch, you should expect that I’m going to ask you a bit about any previous sim or real flight experience you have – Or if you have any specific things you want to learn. This is so I don’t waste our time in the sim - so we can get direct to what you want to know. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to say so, and I can work with ya.

Also, I will normally try to schedule a time to meet up, and its almost never going to be the instant you get in hit send :smiley: If you’re just looking for a flying buddy there are lots to be found on the MSFS Discord. I’m trying to have a bit of a plan to get you going the way you want, rather that me just spewing a bunch of info at you.

And again, if your interested - please private message me here on MSFS Forum.


A great offer, well done.

It is sad that Microsoft have not included any effective learning tools within FS.

What they have included is pretty useless

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Thank You!

I just want to help folks enjoy their sim – If they want to get deep in the weeds, then they should go to a real instructor and learn the real stuff. It’s fun to do. But I know I flew flight sim for years before I found myself at an airport looking to do it for real.


In reality there is something in the marketplace, but the instructor must be paid :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well, maybe he’s a superstar.

Nobody should have to pay to learn to fly a PC simulator, at least in my opinion.


This is great! I actually JUST posted a topic asking if there are folks like you out there who would offer their help to get folks like myself more comfortable. PM sent!

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Thanks for your interest!

Looking forward to it.

what a great offer, thank you very much. I kind of know how to fly but I am stuck trying to multiflight in discord or elsewhere. The old Microsoft flight simulator was so easy, you could just join an existing flight, but 2020 version is very hard. looking forward to your instructions and help. Thanks again.

Iam looking for the same thing to do. Currently i teach a couple of people the basics and they can ask questions if they like. No pay, just having fun together and learn a bit along the way.
I applied for the Co-pilot allready, and maybe you should do as well.

[Applications Open] Category Moderators and Co-Pilots (Welcome Crew) - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I’m not totally sure what you’re asking about.

My post is primarily about learning to fly. But it sounds like you’re asking about getting the software working as expected, and not about how to fly?

Anyhow, I’m happy to help if I can, but I’m not sure I understand what you are asking for, so a little more detail would be helpful.

Thanks for this!
FS Academy

Hi thanks for taking time to write. I really don’t know how to do multiplayer, communicate with friends and so on. Thanks

great idea, I am new to flight sim and know the basics but would really be up for this, something I was looking for and was surprised no one else done it!

Its probably the main reason why I have not ventured to XP11 as I think its maybe a bit to study level for me at the minute

Hi Kevin,
Shoot me a private message and we can figure out what you need. Thanks for your interest, and I’m looking forward to helping you out if I can.

I would be interested in your help

I’ll PM you, I don’t want this thread to end up being a big Q&A thing.

Hello, I would love to learn if you have the time. I have a yoke and rudder but I’m very new and know very basic things. Would love to learn anything new or tips to be better. Not sure how to pm on here… lol. I found my inbox and my sent but not sure how to actually send a pm if you wouldn’t mind maybe sending me one… :smiley:

sent a pm for ya…

What a great initiative!
I just wanted to comment that I think there are some shared cockpit mods out there.
I remember trying one called YourControls some months ago that worked fairly well with a few of the default aircrafts. Could be great for this purpose :+1:

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Yep, I ask everyone to use Your Controls, because for what I’m doing its just about perfect. Not everyone is comfortable with 3rd party addons that aren’t from the in game marketplace, but for anyone who will use it, thats the way I like to go.