[Applications Open] Category Moderators and Co-Pilots (Welcome Crew)

Hello all! We would like to invite interested community members to apply for two new roles we are introducing to the forums this month - Category Moderators and Co-Pilots.

Category Moderators - Apply here!

A category moderator is given responsibility over a few categories rather than the entirety of the forum. They are able to handle flags from that category, edit posts, close topics, move posts, add staff notices, merge posts, etc. However, this role doesn’t come with the heavy responsibility of giving out formal warnings or taking care of Code of Conduct violations (though you are there to help remind users that the Code of Conduct exists).

If you have been interested in becoming a moderator but maybe don’t have a ton of experience or want to play a lighter hand in the community, feel free to apply! This position would help a lot with keeping the category you are assigned organized by dealing with duplicate posts, moving posts to appropriate locations, and keeping an eye on the health of the category.

Co-Pilots - Apply here!

With the imminent release of Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox, we expect there will be many new players coming to our forums seeking advice and looking to join in the community. We would love to have a set of users ready to welcome newcomers to the forums and be available to answer questions or provide a friendly ear. This position is what you make of it, whether you want to reach out to a new user via DM, act friendly and provide guidance in certain categories, ask them to join you on a community or group flight, provide helpful gameplay tips, or more! We may expand on this idea in the future, so we are looking to kickstart it with anyone who seeks to have positive and helpful interactions in the community.

There will be a section added soon for new simmers to identify themselves as new, so you might spend more of your time in that section to help welcome everyone.