Do you really need a 4k monitor

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Not really, but if you want the sim too look good I suggest you using a 4k monitor

( you need a good GPU )

I’m running 720p on a GT1030, if I scrunch my eyes I can pretend it’s 4k


I went from a 27" 4K to a 32" 1440p and I miss nothing. The difference is barely visible, after a few moments completely gone. What remains is a performance gain. No regrets at all.


Probably not for most games, but for work/video - no contest.


Go ultra wide instead…much more immersive and you won’t notice much difference in detail (I have Alienware 38inch wide, runs at 3840x1600 resulting) which is awesome.


Yeah in my opinion you don’t need 4K.

I’m also on an ultrawide 3840x1600.
I think it’s perfectly tailored for this sim!!

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Wich model it is?

I use a 4K TV but set the Render Scaling down to 50%, which equals a 1920 x 1080 resolution. That way, I get the best of both worlds: crisp resolution but excellent performance even on my aging system.

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No - and in fact I prefer the performance gains and nearly as good graphics on my 30" 2560x1600 monitor.

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Don’t buy into the 4K HDR hype. Get an ultrawide.A game like this needs to be on an ultrawide otherwise get into VR. Can’t imagine playing this on 16:9 monitors with headtracking.

Or get a really big screen. Most ultrawides are the same width as my screen, but less viewing space vertically.


Not on my end. Switched back to 4K as I was about to throw up playing in 1440p

I also have 38 ultrawide and it is amazing. The extra view you get is really a big deal.

I have a 32 in 1440p and I’m pretty happy with it. I only have an RTX 2060S, so I would have problems driving a 4K monitor.

You need a good processor and GPU to run at high or ultra settings on a 4K monitor.

I was having the same question…but a bit tight on the budget…
so i went for a 34" 3440X1440…and that’s awesome…i needed a new computer for that
so i have a I5 10400, 16GB, and RTX 2060…i put another 16GB ram, so now 32 GB
and i m pretty satisfied, running bewteen high and ultra, stil a few micro stutters, and 25 FPS average…
but still limited gy GPU (see what the update will bring, as people say that “we” might have a drecrease on fps, some others say we won’t…who is right)
and still wondering why only like 18GB ram are used…why ?? a way to increase that…
but in general…very good experience…

A bit out of topic, but since I’ve got VR I need monitor just to boot computer and run MSFS.

I have it too and I go with TAA 90% 1440p which is still stunning with very good performance.

Also went for an Ultra Wide 21:9 with 2560x1080. Prefer to use the GPU power the extra field of view instead of increased resolution. Has the additional advantage that objects and trees popping in at a distance isn’t that noticable.