Document Keyboard Layout of the Sim

Any possibility in providing a Keyboard layout or a PDF keyboard guide in the sim!!!

It is helpful


I’d like to second this request. Given the monumental scale of key assignment changes from previous versions, I was disappointed that I spent 45 minutes looking for some kind of Help file or Quick Reference card (Similar to that which came with FSX) to familiarize myself with the new assignments but ended up going into the Controls page and took photos of my screen with my phone, to have something to reference.

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I concur on this.

I will look into this for you. When I have more information, I will update you.


Just a hotkey map please

Yes, you are quite right! I desperate need a proper user manual and a quick reference card on PDF. I wonder of these already are present anywhere . . . . .

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Hi everyone. Sorry, it took so long, I hope this helps:


Wow, that ist great. Thank you för your help.

No need to thank me, I did nothing :slight_smile:

This one was all GtounetMS

Excellent work. BRB. Buying a laminator :rofl:

Thank you,

I just made Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Keyboard Shortcuts by nimasmi - Download free from Cheatography - Cheat Sheets For Every Occasion

The controls are so different from Flight Simulator X and predecessors that I was quite lost trying to control the game.

Yes, but why, when others have already done so here?
It’s at Cheatography because that is an online interface, and lets users collaborate. Hopefully it’ll be easy enough for others to find and edit in future.

Do you have it in PDF format?
Yes, well, Cheatography does:

Is this complete and correct?
No. I haven’t even tried all the controls yet.

What’s your source?
It’s based on the commands at All key bindings and keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Flight Simulator | Gamepur, because it was easier to transcribe form a website than from in the game.
I reorganised it for brevity and according to what made sense to me.

Why have you posted this as a reply here rather than created your own thread?
I’m a new user, and not able to create new threads. :disappointed:


I’m about to go out, so I will take a proper look when I get home. It looks good though.

Many Thks Nyx1819…my wish has come true !!!

F4 Full Throttle is not fonctionnal!!!

Has anyone made a cheat sheet with all of the default keyboard assignments for FS 2020? I find the hundreds of keyboard assignments rather overwhelming and it would be great to not have to open the controls over and over to try to figure out how to do simple things like extend the flaps and gear. If no one has done it perhaps I will take the time to create a PDF that could be printed for reference for new users.



Perhaps this will help you?


It is, but if you have a throttle axis mapped yo a hotas or joystick it will be overridden.

Thank you very much!