Documentation for Beechcraft D18s Twin Beech

I just recently bought MSCarenado Beechcraft D18s Twin Beech at the Marketplace within MSFS.
I am not able to find the usual Documentation folder with the manual an so on.
Can anybody help me where to find it ?

For some reason, one wasn’t provided for this plane, when Carenado was asked they stated support for this plane is with Asobo.

I assume it has something to do with Carenado not releasing this plane themselves, but rather they made this one for Asobo.

The real manual can be found here.


Thank you for the real manual. The only thing I need now is the real aircraft !! lol
I will try to contact Asobo even though it is a strange and bad way to publish an expected manual

I had to “wing it” with this aircraft, but this a helps a bit.

Beech D18S - Guide - Checklist & Procedures » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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The official thread over in General has a lot of info about the plane and flying it if you wanna trawl through it

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I imagine it comes down to no other Asobo planes having documentation so even though this was made by Carenado, it was made for Asobo so it towed the same line.

Eh, the other Local Legends that are also planes developed by third parties commissioned by Microsoft have manuals

(ctrl f-5 a few times or whatever your browser’s command is for refreshing cache to show the S.55 manual)

Carenado are just pretty lazy when it comes to documentation and you’re lucky if you get a PDF with some basic procedures or a chart or two but quite often you get absolutely nothing from them. They’ve been like that since FSX at the least.

Short film in this link that shows the entire procedure.

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With the exception of the WYMF5 all other Carenado planes for MSFS come with full documentation (available on their website).

Not sure why the WYMF5 was different, it comes with documentation just not as complete as the other 7 releases.

It’s also interesting they don’t even mention the D18 on their website, like they made it for Asobo and then distanced themselves from it.

I have a few of their planes for MSFS and older sims and I wouldn’t say any of their documentation was ‘full’. It’s mostly just some checklists literally scanned from a real POH and a chart or two if you’re lucky also scanned from the POH. And like most checklists taken verbatim from a real source you can’t even perform most of the checks in the sim anyway. I guess sometimes they’ll also provide a PDF with basic instructions on how to operate an autopilot or something if they differ from the stock stuff.

I don’t think it’s that odd they don’t put the planes they’ve developed for Microsoft on their own website. They’re basically acting as contractors doing the work for Microsoft who release it under their label wheras the Carenado website is for stuff they release under their own label.

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