Does your CRJ work or CTD

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Since Aerosoft updated the CRJ from ver1.02 to 1.04 and 1.05, it doesn’t work for some and causes CTD’s

If the CRJ is installed selecting it for its initial load will cause it to crash the Sim. The sim will not restart unless and until the CRJ folder is removed.


According to Aerosoft this only affects 12 people and they cannot reproduce it, so are taking no further action.
This is a very expensive plane for it not to work. If it does affect more people perhaps Aerosoft will fix the problem.

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Please bear in mind this is a guaranteed CRASH TO DESKTOP - FOLLOWED BY A FAILURE TO LOAD SUCCESSFULLY - every time, which might not be the CRJ causing it on its own it could be because of either the World update or the sim update. Neither Aerosoft or Microsoft/Asobo seem to be looking at this and seem to want to park it elsewhere.
Thank you.
Make sure your CRJ works and if not raise a bug report to both Microsoft and Aerosoft.

It works perfectly. Only one CTD back in April. I fly it almost everyday and in many regions.

i7-10700K, 32GB, 2070S, 1440p, Ultra settings. I built this system one year ago.


Hey, same Issue here with Aerosoft CRJ550/700 with Steam MSFS 2020 Ingame Store. After Installing it will CTD the SIM until you delete the file.

There are a lot of other people suffering from this Issue, but Aerosoft said in there Forum, there are not "enough "people having trouble with it, for them to fix it… because just pay 50€ and it is not their problem anymore.
AS Support Forum - CRJ CTD

It looks like this is problem with Store because this issue happens with BN-Islander 2 for some too.
And both planes, CRJ and BN-Islander seems to work if downloaded via Creators Website and installed in Community not official Folder.
AS Forum - closed Topic on this

I hope they will fix it soon.

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CRJ works perfectly on my system, latest version, not CTDs. Installed the sim from Microsoft Store and the CRJ from in-game marketplace.
The only thing not working is the in-game update, I need to remove the plane completely and do a fresh install, otherwise the marketplace updater will not finish.

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Thanks for the reply and info.
I think they need to sort the Marketplace out properly, I had a problem with Orbx when the London scenery came out, the Marketplace didn’t get the update for a long time after Orbx released it on their site.
The Marketplace is not just convenient, its important to the future development from Microsoft, and third party developers must give there FULL and UNDILUTED support, more than they do currently, otherwise we suffer from trying to support the project as a whole.
We need Aerosoft to make a test install available to show where the problem is - and if its only a small number (was 12 now 15) it can’t be that difficult for them.

Mine works great. I fly it all the time. But I bought directly from Aerosoft - no Marketplace.

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It does seem those that have the problem trusted the Marketplace. Thanks for the info, Glad yours is working enjoy!!

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I have the CRJ also from the Marketplace, use also Steam, and have no Problems.

Only Problem i have, when i download the CRJ over the content manager, somtimes i have a CTD after the download.

But the Plane is working well…

But I can understand you, such problems are frustrating …

especially because Aerosoft does not offer the best support and sometimes becomes quite unfriendly. (Own experience so with other Simulators from them)

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Made 5 routes so far with CRJ ( latest update) and no issues or CTD.

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Thanks Seth - good news - keep flying

Hey JazzSam, thanks for the info, curious that you do get a CTD after a download. The CRJ has a heavy first install and creates a number of ‘m’ files whatever they are, which is different to all other aircraft. I suspect that is your glitch and for us it gets a whole lot worse and buggers the sim up for the next load.

Both Micro and Aero SOFT are either passing the buck or not interested which isn’t a good way to treat your customers as they tend to remember next time they want some money. CRJ £42 Ouch!! never again

Me to, I won’t get the Twotter when he comes. I have some principles…

For me it is important that the developer gives good support and does not treat you like a child …


the problem seems to be the marketplace-Version. Problem is, Aerosoft sends their files to Microsoft, they encrypt the files to make them copy protected, and it seems, there the issue is happening.
Unfortunately, Aerosoft has no way to encrypt and recheck the data sent to MS. So, if an error happens at MS, which happened more than once during the encription, Aerosoft has no acess anymore and can not really troubleshoot.


As I said before, my CRJ from the marketplace works just fine. Your assumption is, how do I put it mildly, misleading.
I only have issues with the update process, MS/Asobo and some third parties seem to have issues there.


I also purchased from the marketplace and it works fine, the only time i suffered CTD’s was when trying to program an Arc approach, this was reported and accepted by Aerosoft. Not sure if it has been fixed yet as I have not tried since the update

That would definitely explain it there has to be a better interface between Microsoft and 3rd parties, otherwise we will all just order directly and that kills the marketplace. I dont see this getting fixed anytime soon sadly.

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Yeah, the Marketplace seems to be a bit slow and to be honest, im not a fan of the encription. I understand the need for Copyright protection but it takes away the freedom that we as users can apply mods and tweak the files, if needed.

thats why i personally, never buy from the Marketplace. Id rather have the uncryptet files and buy directly from the developer or other stores instead of marketplace.

In my opinion, the marketplace is the worst place to buy stuff from of all the stores we have available…


I think you are probably right and have convinced me to buy direct from now on, its the 2nd time I’ve been bitten.
I thought it was a good thing to do so that there was a revenue stream to help fund future developments.
If they can’t make it work with their biggest partner there isn’t much hope for it.