Does your CRJ work or CTD

Hey @HXArdito… hope you are doing well :slight_smile:

The problem is, the more aircraft you have from third-party manufacturers, the more confusing it becomes with the updates.

But you are right. If you want the updates as fast as possible, it is better to run directly with the developer.

Just another example from today, where the Marketplace encription is causing issues:

Reply from Microsoft support:
“It looks like the encryption process has negatively impacted performance with your submission. With your approval we can try releasing without encryption.”

Its just another example where a developer/publisher tries to protect his product from getting pirated, but the ones that experience a negative effect, are the paying customers…
Ive seen it more than once and its again the case here. However, the product will get pirated anyway…

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it does not concern only 12 people but a lot of people, I have been waiting for several days for the problem to be solved, but nothing done.
I submitted my comment including a DUMP file to Aerosoft this morning, but the post has been removed.
this behavior towards those who have spent a lot of money is very serious.
I have to remove the aerosoft CRJ folder to be able to start the sim.
The problem must be solved, I repeat it is not just 12 people.
It should not be taken into account only the customers who complain about the problem through the forum, my opinion that if 12, 20 people complain about a problem they are not the only ones but there are many other customers who are waiting to solve the problem without declaring it but simply waiting for a version fixed.
Example my case, I had been waiting for days, but only today I decided to try to understand and communicate it.

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I quite agree, Mathijs Kok was the one who claimed it was only 12 and it is really bad that they have taken that post down because so many people were following it and I wanted to be able to share with all of them the news that I have just had the following message from Hans Hartmann:

Asobo has isolated the issue and is now working to fix it (it’s not in the CRJ itself but in the code that loads the aircraft.)”

Lets hope Asobo can release the fis soon.

we hope soon to be able to program a flight plan on board the CRJ.

It would be nice to hear from Microsoft or Asobo confirming you have isolated the issue and are working to fix the code that loads the CRJ and if you have any idea of when that fix might be available please.

Aerosoft have posted exactly that on their forums, hopefully will be sorted soon mate!

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Thanks mate, I am a little disappointed to find out that Aerosoft had known about this since at least the 29th May and had been talking to Asobo and providing crash dump info and yet it wasn’t acknowledged as an issue even Microsoft were referring the problem back to Aerosoft.

The fact is its the Marketplace that encrypted (Screwed) the Aerosoft files and caused all the issues. Anyone buying direct has not had the problem and that has been evident since last month.

For me at least this marks the kiss of death to the market place. I wanted to support the project by using the market place for Microsoft’s benefit so they would continue to make the updates but the cost is too high when things just don’t work because of their need to “encrypt”.

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Yeah, I fell foul of it right at the start with the OrbX London scenery being updated much faster on their own platform, then with the CRJ (though to be fair, mine has worked fine) I bought the Arrow direct though and will aim to do that whenever possible in the future (annoying as I dont really want to be trying to keep multiple platforms updated)

Aerosoft have hardly covered themselves in glory over this, though I am trying to put a lot of the posts they make down to translation issues

I hate the Microsoft store format, I really dont like it locking off a large chunk of my hard drive and have had to do a complete reinstall of windows due to the stupid microsoft gaming services bug

Without any problems.
ver Aerosoft

I have a sort-of solution for it. I don’t buy AIRCRAFT on the Marketplace (besides Carenado which is exclusive, so I have no choice)… But I DO buy airports and other little things on there (as long as they are not available from Orbx)… For instance, I have never bought an airport direct from anyone. If it’s NOT on Orbx, I will get it on Marketplace. That way I can support Marketplace and not deal with the aircraft nonsense that occurs there. I am a little more patient when it comes to an airport being updated.

I have no idea how flexible the dev is, but you could suggest perhaps they send you their version directly, if you can somehow prove you bought it in Marketplace?

A serious developer I think would consider helping out customers this way, if they’re having problems due to MS messing up, in stead of having to wait for a ‘fix’ that might take 2 days or 2 weeks.


The answer in Aerosoft’s case is completely inflexible. Not even to isolate and diagnose the issue which they themselves said was too difficult to understand with the limited information.

It’s all about the money and I think the attitude I have had from both Orbx and Aerosoft would suggest the deal isn’t in their favour so if big old Microsoft gets themselves and “Their” customers in trouble then they aren’t going to step in and help because that’s what they pay Microsoft to do for their commision.

Well that’s a shame.

I really never get the thinking of these companies. Here they have a chance to lock you in for life as a customer, spreading the joy about this company, and they blow it. If it’s really only 12 people (and even if it’s more), just send them the airplane already. They got your money already, through MS, and it’s just a digital copy. No harm.


Totally agree, all I seem to have done over the past four days is (honestly) spread the word on what is happening and what they say in response. This doesn’t reflect well on them because they have handled it so badly.
Any keen simmer that’s been doing it for a long while really appreciates the ground breaking work that is being done. We even understand the commercial obstacles that are a necessary evil, so we know things will gowrong as things develop and new versions are published. So why squirm and refuse to admit “your code” is the issue, or blame somebody else or say its only 12 people, just gracefully accept something isn’t right and look into it and just tell us what progress is being made.

How hard is that?

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Its ironic isn’t it, I’ve just had a message from Microsoft support telling me there is a fix currently in the works (by Asobo) and to go and look at the Aerosoft forum for details. Details of what Asobo are doing, how they are fixing it and when it will be released

Instead I think I’ll go round and see my Mum as she probably stands more chance of telling me whats happening!!!


Maybe let her buy you a new version, directly through Aerosoft :slight_smile:

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Great idea!!

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CRJ 700 works great here (Marketplace), no problems. Good luck!

Steam → Marketplace → not working