Don’t buy RTX 3090

For the first time ever, in 20 years of trying to get all the flight sims running nice, I can be /that/ guy who says it works for me!

I knew my old rig i7 3.4gz, AMD r9 290x, 32gRAM wouldn’t meet expectations as it ran out of GPU Memory on P3D V5 so I splashed out on I9-10900k at 5gz 32gb RAM RTX3090 all RoG gear except GPU which is MSI. I run 4 screens, three in nvidea surround and one is a touch screen artist pad I use for watching YouTube videos while I fly (Also Honeycomb Yoke all Saitek panels and CH pedals.

And guess what. EVERYTHING (so far) is silky smooth at 60FPS and MAX everything.

It was installed on a very clean windows 10 pro installation (my old machine has so much stuff on it it takes 10 minutes to shutdown) and this is also important to note.

So there’s your answer. My suspicion is that it’s not the card that has issues, but the CPU and it’s clock speed. Overclocking IMHO is a required feature for flight sims (I also run a full size A320 cockpit on P3D which one day I hope to migrate to 2020) and how much ‘stuff’ you have on your computer.

Still, I’ve heard talk there is another graphics card coming that will beat the 3090, But I’ve not watched the Linus tec talk video on it yet. You can always wait.

Okay that looks confusing. So do I change all those 5 categories to what the sticker on the sticks say?

Have you guys tried lowering the refresh speed of the Garmin screens ? They are a CPU killer since they are running Javascript and they are refreshed by default at your screen refresh speed, which is anywhere from 60 to 144 Hz. You definitely don’t need that. Set it to LOW and see if it helps.

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I don’t know why everyone is hoping for perf improvements from DX12.

  1. there are no clear perf improvements from DX12 on nvidia. Only on AMD does the perf improve because they rewrote their crappy driver.

  2. the Asobo tech manager already said that they are not looking for perf improvement from DX12. So stop dreaming, that won’t happen.

I’m saying this, because I can already see the hundreds of messages of disappointed people here who thought their FPS would skyrocket overnight. That won’t happen. If a 10% increase happens, that will be already the best we can hope for.


Try this! For me that really did the trick! I also disabled Hyperthreading in the BIOS Settings.


This is for a 2070 gpu

Yes, but works for my 2080 as well! You can get a serious boost from these settings. What worked really well ist the power settings in windows and the sharpening options in Nvidia CPL.

Can you take a screen shot of your Nvidia CP settings and your window settings?

It’s not a “dream”, you can find plenty of comparison videos on YouTube that clearly show an average of around 5fps boost with DX12 over 11. No, it’s going to give an amazing boost and no one should expect that. But even a 5fps would be an improvement. DX12 has also been shown to better handle multicore CPUs and take better advantage of the extra cores.

Tries to own someone posting about good performance in big cities when they have bad performance in big cities… mentions at end of post they’re running 2 million more pixels…

I’m on 10600k, 32gb ram, stock gtx1080, regular 1440p and I get 35fps on ultra with live traffic flying directly over the LAX… and I’m not even an IT Tech.

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The next update will make 3080s and 3090s have much better usage based on what I understand from the last Q&A

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I really hope so!

??? What are you talking about? Did something I said offend you? Grow up guy.

Well I mean, you basically tried to call the guy stupid for “not noticing” something that you just assume he has. Then pointlessly bragged about your IT job and supercomuper. Then talk about how the sim is choppy for you so you expect it to be the same for him… only you’re running way more pixels, Making you’re entire post there completely pointless.

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First off I didn’t call him stupid, those are your words. And for him to have said that he has no problems is essentially invalidating the thousands of performance complaints from other people. But I can’t say to him that they’re valid? And I fail to see how saying, " yeah I’ll agree things are quite tolerable" and “All that said yes it runs pretty dang great” is calling him stupid. Lastly “bragging” about my IT job?? :rofl: I’m not a rich famous musician or movie star, not sure what there is to “brag” about. Just give it up dude.

I just got the 3090 and paired with by i9-9900k and 32gb ram im getting 40fps+ in NYC with ultra and custom settings to make LOD higher. From the not Ti 2080 to this its amazing and no worry - worth the money if you have it.


RTX30 series will give you some visual quality and performance improvements. However, remember that even if you set up the most up to date high-end system, you will have to face endless micro stuttering and fps drops. You will get sh!tty fps in bigger handcrafted airports regardless of how good your system is. There is no such thing as “smooth” in this poorly optimised platform. Well ofc, you can blame unqualified devs!


Yes I’m experiencing micro stutters. Is this on our end or Asobos?

What are your settings? I have the same specs as you.
Also what are you Nvidia control panel settings?