Don't you miss FSX features?

I miss navaids working as in real life.

The hardcoded localizers need to go or at least be a toggle to enable realistic navigation.

Another FSX feature that i miss is the very straight forward way of changing the weather .
Visibility settings, cloud cover etc, was much easier on FSX


I don’t miss the 4GB memory limit that suddenly ends a flight with the out of memory warning. Other than that I still use FSX, particularly for IFR procedures.

Yeah, I miss being able to complete a flight since WU4. Formerly had very good performance now it’s so screwed up it’s not worth starting MSFS any longer because the closer I get to even modest airports it becomes a stutterfest now.


but you have the Bush trips, much better, you get to know the world, especially now with this pandemic…

I don’t miss the FSX at all. It might have not some features of FSX but its got 100 times more

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This is false… FSX SE is still 32Bit with the 4GB VAS limit.
P3D is 64 Bit.

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Dont understand why that features are not incorporated into fs2020.
Makes things very easy

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Yes. I’ve found it. It really works. Thank you very much.

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It seems that the FS2020 developers have never seen or played with previous versions.

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Sorry, you are correct.

I have withdrawn the post.

Switching to developer mode stops the pilot logbook being updated, so it’s not the solution for teleportation and plane changes like suggested above.

I agree that the camera control was much more straightforward in FSX. In FS20, it’s super hard to use and understand.

Replay mode is a big feature missing, but it’s on the roadmap.


That’s odd, mine is the Steam edition and it’s 32 bit, with the memory limitation?
How do I get the 64 bit version?

I am sorry, but I made a wrong statement. Sorry for the confusion. Hence why I withdrew the post.

It has been some time since I even started FSX:SE. I had the wrong memory that OOMs had been resolved in the Steam Edition, but apparently, they are not.

My bad!

Okay, thanks for clearing it up.

Ok, what I miss from FSX is the planes, like a good 737, the C-17 Gloabmaster, and a good F-14 as well. Yes, MSFS-2020 is not a military FS, but, I just like to fly them, I don’t want to fight them. I will also say, the 737/747 in FSX is very hard to see out of the pilot’s window to make visual approach, hopefully, when those planes are released by aftermarket companies, that problem will be fixed.

Additionally, I also wish, Asobo/Honeycomb would make it so, when using either of the Flight Sims, the Throttle Quadrant would self configure fore each plane type. Programing it for 1-4 engine in MSFS is a pain, and because it is, I have almost quit flying period. NOT MSFS Fault, but my desk config is also limiting me with the joystick and TC I have. But, opening up MSFS, and going through all those programing hoops just ruins it for me. Even considered going back to my old JS since it was simpler. Updates may or may not make this even worse, and because it’s so madding to me, have not flown in couple months. Nose wheel steering in 787 was almost useless, and have not checked to see if it’s better for several updates. Guess I am going to wait until DX-12 is released and inside game, then maybe things will be better.

To teleport I dont find how to move the aircraft slowly.
Have suggestion?

The teleport function is so you can enter the ICAO code of the airport you want to “teleport” to, or the coordinates of the place you want to teleport to. The whole point of it is to get somewhere quickly.

I think you may be thinking of “slew mode”? Something I don’t use, but I believe you press Y on your keyboard, and then use either your cursor keys or W,A,S and D keys to move around.


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Yes I know all shortcuts its same of FSX but the problem is the plane move too fast when I want change it position

So you ARE talking about slew mode then & not teleporting?

You may find these posts (& YouTube tutorials) helpful…


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