Don't you miss FSX features?

The FSX function that allows you to change the airport or plane, from the active flight, I think was very useful, without having to go to the main menu. Please return it to FS2020. Thanks.


Yes, the simple camera options of FSX where much better.
Just pressing S on your keyboard to toggle between views, so nice.
A HUD only forward view, a Fly by view and a tower view, this is really on top of my list for the future of MSFS…


I agree, it was a very good feature.
You can still change planes this way (or teleport your plane) by turning on developer mode & using the dev mode toolbar menu. Not ideal but it does work and is so much quicker than going back to the main menu.


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What I mean from FSX/P3D is Chaseplane…; hopefully yhe camera system will be opened to devs soon…

I miss the missions


You can change both those things in the Developer Mode.
And if you install i.e. FSPM VFR Map (FSPM VFR Map » Microsoft Flight Simulator) you can simply click on the map and beam yourself anywhere you want even without Developer Mode.

Yeahh . There is an addon ( I think ) by wich you could relocate the Tower view anywhere. I do not remeber really. My favorite place was at touch down point.

For Helicopters, tower view was so nice, you could train and use your heli in much like RC control fashion ( and do Nose In Fly Bys by the tower … Impresing Sound, and on touch down over grass , clouds of dirt would fly… very realistic ). This one I have tried to recreate with new Drone view…
I have NOT uninstalled my FSX Steam.

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You may want to look at these relevant Wishlist topics, if you haven’t already:

@jpht1964 , I think this is what you are referring to:

Plus this:

@GregDXB , this might interest you:

@MikE275565 , you may want to look at this one for missions:

Hope this helps everyone.


I miss „W“ Key! Front view without Panel, particulary with the beautiful sightseeings in MSFS2020!


I miss that one, too! The ‘W’ key is this Wishlist topic:


Need visibility slider. Not this aerosol mumbo jumbo…


Bring back the Locked Spot view and Instant Replay please…

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@GridRisen , this is the Wishlist topic for you, if you haven’t seen it:

@MadManMurdoc101 , this is the closest I can get:

I also miss seeing the ILS, VOR frequencies, etc, on the map. It’s a shame to have to use external apps to do it.

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Disagree, as we now don’t have to pause the sim to view the map. You can have it on another screen all the time or on another computer. Much better now.

I tried it but I`m not sure how to do it. I can see the tool bar but not the option.

Replay and flyby tower view

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The FSX or FS 2000 tutorials, with their huge book. For someone starting with this version, the tutorials are too simple and do not teach VOR navigation or ILS approaches etc, which I think is important.

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Building a home cockpit too. At the moment it is, at least as far as I know, impossible to set up a view for a home cockpit. I just need the hood + propellor centered on my tv. Xplane 11 has planemaker where you can hide certain parts of the airplane. I like MSFS2020 a lot but the view/camera system is a mess and way too complicated.

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with developer mode on, click on “Windows” on the toolbar
Then if you click on “aircraft selector” it will list all your installed aircraft. Double clicking on one of them will load it. Or you can click it once, and press Load.

There’s also a teleport option under the same “windows” in the toolbar. You can either enter the coordinates, or an easier way is to enter an airport’s ICAO code.

Hope this helps


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