Missions like FSX

Do the developers have any plans to introduce missions like we used to have in FSX, I flew these missions over and over again in FSX and they were Great! It would be nice to see how they would look in this new version, especially the UFO chase mission and the Mountain Rescue.


Please, bring back missions like in FSX. Such as engine failure(s) and deciding which airport to land at, flying employees to Area 51, commercial flights, etc. I would spend hours flying those, and would gladly pay for expansions with missions as well.

Loving the game, aside from the plague of crashes. Thanks Asobo!


FSX was the first flight sim I played and I loved the missions so much; the narratives and sight-seeing really helped me fall in love with flight simming. I’ll never forget some of the missions, like the flight to Area 51 where you encounter a UFO. I learned about the Capsian Sea Monster Ekranoplan from one of the missions. There was a rainforest/jungle expedition. Those were all so great.

I really really hope we see missions like that in FS2020 eventually.


I would love missions too. And way more than FSX had please.
It would also be awesome if there would be a mission editor so there couldbe missions provided by the community and official missions from asobo and maybe payware missions from 3rd party developers aswell.


Yes, most i did in FSX was missions, downloaded a ton from AVSIm and flew them.
But the Missions from MSFlight were even better, and i would love to see a Jobboard like MSFlight had.It`s been like endless new missions.


After Windows 10 was launched FSX just wouldn’t work correctly, if it had I would still be flying those FSX missions, flew them so many times. Hope they include these and more in future updates.


Those missions were great. I think it would be a good first step to remaster the more iconic ones in the new simulator, while reusing assets like the voice acting that would save time.


It would be great if we could fly missions like in FSX


Go check the flightsim reddit. Someone made a photoshop mock up of what missions could be for MSFS and it looks amazing! We have to get Asobo to see it!


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Best you can get is using the old fsx .pln and .flt files and recreating the routes. Hoping some devs like Aerosoft and JustFlight can do something like the old Flight Tales I or JF Rescue.

Hello, I would be happy if Microsoft also introduces a points system and missions. It would definitely be a lot more exciting then.
You would have to start as a beginner and then work your way up to become a professional pilot. Accordingly, the missons too. Is there something like this coming in the future?

The FS2020 already has a mission SDK. It’s just not stable and lacking of a lot of commands. It works similar to the SFX mission editor with nods you have to put together.
So far I was able to write a mini mission that would load with a flight and say “Hello World”. But from there I stuck. My next task is to have a Message window popping up.
Anyone out there who wants to team up to get into mission development?


Those missions where really great would be nice to have something similar


I highly suggest everyone go check out this mock up this guy made of what missions could be in this sim!

I’m also talking to you Asobo!


Great Sim! Eagerly awaiting VR & Helicopters also.

I have enjoyed some of the landing challenges and Bush Trips but would love to see this expand to possibly include mission based challenges of varying durations. At the moment we have either 5 minute landings or 7 hr cross country.

Commercial transport missions, Passenger, Humanitarian, Air Ambulance, Rescue, Historic, Law Enforcement, Military etc. I don’t want to turn this into a game but to add some real world flight experiences and challenges to our flying other than just scenic flying from A to B or crosswind landings on short runways…though this is still enjoyable!

Locations could be varied to include remote or urban, day or night, weather challenges, difficult locations or against-the-clock countdown based?

Or possibly a facility for uploading user or commercial developed missions to share but I don’t know if this would be technically possible with this incarnation of MSFS though I do think I remember this feature as an add-on in earlier versions of FS maybe??

This could be really expanded when rotary wing aircraft are eventually included.



I am hoping this is implemented. I have completed all the Bush Trips, which were excellent and great fun. Have also completed all the landing challenges, which again were great.

But to be able to choose different missions of varying experiences and lengths of time would be a perfect addition!

Guys press vote button on upper left corner! :nerd_face: Adventure missions - it’s cool feature!


I missed the missions from fsx. The “activities” in MSFS is very good, but in my opinion the “missions” in fsx is far away better. Will we have something like that in the near future?


Try ‘Neofly’, a freeware based mission based addon. I’m finding it quite immersive :relaxed:

For more info do a search on this forum.