Legacy external camera

Can we get a simple camera system like the legacy one?

It feels choppy rotating the camera around the aircraft with mouse, It needs to be smooth

Basically there needs to be a locked spot outside view like the legacy camera.

I desperately need this feature cause the current external camera drives me crazy


Maybe that will help while. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Couldn’t agree more. My only major complaint about the new simulator is what they’ve done to the external camera. I prefer a camera that places the aircraft in the centre of the view, that does not smooth out smaller movements and turbulence, and that does not tilt the horizon when climbing, descending and turning the aircraft or the camera. So pretty much like the old Locked Spot.

Since there are already options to adjust the camera’s speed and momentum, I think it’d be amazing if we had more of those to tweak the camera to our liking, and it’d probably be a good solution instead of having a full legacy mode as an option.


I don’t mind the external camera. The only thing id wish for is for the ■■■■ thing to be actually centred on the aircraft.

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Camera system is brilliant. Just different to what you are used to. It’s not broken, so I doubt it will get fixed.

It doesn’t have to be completely replaced with the legacy system, but we could do with more options to make it function more like the legacy camera. The constant smoothing with the aircraft being completely off-centre and the horizon tilting when turning makes me feel nauseous at times, so it’s not exactly a brilliant solution for everyone. For that reason I didn’t like the old default Spot camera either, but Locked Spot was perfect.


Does anyone know how to get a locked spot view? The external camera bobbing up and down is not good.

Unfortunately no, this is what we’re requesting in this thread. After using the new external camera for a while it feels somewhat better now that I can predict its smoothing pattern more easily, but I would still much prefer the more rigid, stable feel of the old Locked Spot.

I would also put in a vote for an external circle view that isn’t locked to the aircraft heading. I personally used that view almost exclusively in x-plane, and it can almost be approximated with the drone cam (with the important exception that you can’t control the camera and the plane at the same time). More external camera options would be very welcome.

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I can’t stand the new camera system. The plane isn’t centered, the view moves around like it’s trying to be like a movie, and the view tilts when turning. Please make an option to revert to the legacy (FSX) external camera system.

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