Ability to change Meteorological Visibility / RVR

The current weather system does not allow a visibility below approximately 3000 m (aerosol density 100%) and no low visibility take-offs and or landings are therefore possible. It is possible to put the cloud ceiling on ground level, but precise control of visibility / RVR is unavailable currently.

Also “aerosol” sounds fancy but its not very practical it would be better to change it to visibility / RVR with absolute values in meters / km or miles rather than %.

How can I control visibility?

Either select one of the weather presets like “Clear” for best visibility conditions, or use the “Aerosol” slider. Btw, your title got a typo, it’s “Weather”, change it so others can find it via forum search.

Thanks. I corrected “Weather”. Btw, when I slide aerosol, how do I know visibility in miles ot km?

Still shows “wether” to me in the title…

No kidding! So how do you set the weather for pratice approaches and missed approaches, like 200ft ceiling and 1/4 mile visibility? Answer: You can’t. I’ll keep my opinion, in response to their answer, to myself. Devs are either missing the point or don’t have the knowledge to understand why this is important to RL pilots.


I clicked the edit button to edit the title Wether. I inserted ‘a’. Then I can’t save it!

I really don’t know why Asobo/MS are degrading MSFS as a useful IFR training platform by leaving out the option to set a certain ceiling and visibility.


They are correct though. This weather model is not static like in other sims. The weather in other sims is just a local replication of conditions from a METAR. In MSFS there is a completely different weather model. Visibility is a result of other factors.

The plus side of this model is that the weather doesn’t change suddenly mid flight, which has always been a problem.

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Please, spare me your sugar, will you?

something like active sky can do both. you can have live dynamic weather or you can set a visibility and a ceiling or anything else by just simply typing in your own desired metars

not being able to set visibility and ceiling as a custom mode is a complete oversight and im surprised (well not really anymore) anyone would defend it. reminds me of that twilight zone with the crazy omnipotent kid that terrorized his town… “ITS GOOD YOU OMITTED A VISIBILITY CONTROL, ASOBO. THAT WAS GOOD!”

nobody cares how they arrive at it but in a flight simulator that wants to be more than a toy, where you may want to practice in IMC, you need to be able to set a value for visibility if desired.


I’m guessing right now ofc on how they model whole thing, but - It seems like they actually made this decision fully consciously, because first time in flight sim history we can observe variable visibility conditions right next to each other in both dimensions. Which is super cool. Previously we could see that only vertically, like haze layers or other tricks that Active Sky implemented to simulate this. But now we can observe different visibility conditions that stretch both vertically and laterally.

Example - airport A is in light rain, 2SM visibility and few miles ahead we got Airport B with clear skies and 30SM visibility. It is now possible and I have seen that couple times. It looks absolutely stunning.

Probably they could just add one additional slider for now that would simply set manual control over visibility globally and scale it with statue miles instead of some aerosol mambo jumbo. To apply manual vis locally it would need some kind of weather painter, like XP10 had.

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…or at least see the immediate value of the horizontal visibility while adjusting that ‘aerosol density’.

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yeah but i think asobo said even maxed out it only gets you down to like 2SM or something.

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And how do you achieve that? Current implementation of the weather engine doesn’t allow you to set different conditions for every airport. It’s just global weather, for the whole world at the same time.

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Yes, they also refused to add a separate fog option saying that fog is a cloud at the surface, which it is. But the way it’s done in the sim, when clouds just grow out of the ground…


and if you do put the cloud on the ground you still dont know if its 1/2SM, 1/8SM, etc, and of course there is no RVR value either

its as if they never thought of anything other than vfr flight


I know that it does not handle weather generation the old way (by METAR interpolation). Airports A/B is just any fixed place, replace it with any other hypothetical place as an example.

What I mean is that new MSFS live weather sets different visibility conditions next to each other (or the aerosol density as they measure it) at the same time, so different visibility regions can actually be seen at once in real time. Which is new thing to the sim genre and it crates new challenges to controlling weather manually.

It looks like another testimony to the fact that the sim has been made by people having little to no background in aviation. While modelling the atmosphere is an interesting endeavour, they definitely failed in reproducing flight sim capabilities that are considered standard among the PC sims and professional sims alike.


Okay, that’s awesome if it really works like that. But the problem is that the plain old task is now impossible to complete. That’s my main grudge about this sim: introducing new cool features they utterly ruined many old and well working ones.