Effect of haze in the atmosphere

Life weather…suppose you don’t use it, I always put misty sky using Weather menu. You can set aerosols level 0…100 :shushing_face:

Yep see it all the time with Live Weather, guessing the OP had been using a preset likes Clear Skies which makes everything crystal clear for miles around.

I fly with live weather only and I never saw any kind of haze once you have clear skies. In my real life flying it’s quite opposite as you very rarely have no haze in the sky, which is mostly due to inversion layers.

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One thing the sim doesn’t do is recreate smog and pollution over cities. I’ve been flying out of LA a lot recently and although it can get hazy you never really see the level of smog you get in real life hanging over LA. The same goes for New York, London etc.

Maybe its something Asobo could work on in the future. I know people love flying over cities and seeing crazy high levels of detail as far as the eye can see but its sometimes not that realistic.


this is what I wrote about in the title of the topic

Well actually, I think Asobo was very lucky to obtain satellite image material made during the 2020 Corona lockdown period. I wonder if e.g. Delhi/India would have been so accurate, without the smog lifted… or LA for that matter… when the sat would have had to cope with smog 24/7 !

Simulation of the reality of pollution can be added. I prefer opt-out (default there should be some, over cities)

I fly a lot in the Brazilian Amazon. I never use live weather and do see a slight haze. I have not used this yet but I read somewhere that you can create a haze effect using the aerosol setting slider.

I do miss the visibility setting from FSX.

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The data in the LA region is from 2014 (judging by construction sites captured in the area). Most of the data in FS2020 is 7 years old already.

But maybe smog explains while PG areas are more brownish in general.

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We’ve been pushing for this for a long time. There’s a default “haze” which is part of the generic atmosphere model that’s ever present. And then there’s “aerosol”, which is a brown particulate like smoke, and as far as I know, Live Weather does not yet utilize this.

And for the times when it’s “extremely hazy” I’ve found it’s the simulator is actually trying to render nearby rain showers.

Getting anything between unlimited visibility default haze and misty rain showers doesn’t seem to be a thing yet in the simulator. It should be possible for the sim’s visibility to smoothly vary from truly unlimited (no default haze) all the way down to 0 (have trouble seeing wingtips). Perhaps they did work on this some more though? I’d love to see more screenshots where people are reporting haze and mist in Live Weather.

This is kind of the holy grail for me when it comes to the sim’s weather:

You’ve got a couple miles visibility due to a thick boundary layer haze, and there’s still a convective cloud layer in the mix as well. I haven’t seen anything like this in the sim yet. But it would make VFR flying a realistic challenge.


I concur, I have never seen anything like this using real world weather in the sim. I hope it is coming with the “big weather update” they keep alluding to in the Q/As although I doubt it is.


Pretty sure we can bring this to the devs attention (probably already did) I assume it’s just a matter of time before we get more options / sliders, and probably sometime after Dx12 dropped for PC. One thing I wouldn’t want, is that it’s baked in by default like in Xplane, because after a while it becomes super annoying and unrealistic, depending on where you fly and in what conditions.

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As Skiptaibot mentioned above, visibility parameters like humidity, dust, haze are completely absent from the sim. Martial mentioned this in the last Q&A that there is a disconnect between meteoblue and in game weather engine. Its not picking up visibility paramters. A fix is coming by the end of year. Due to the absence of ambient visibility, the sim at times look highly unrealistic with unlimited visibility and gives a look of dead or empty atmosphere.


Server off… let’s fly and take weather pics :wink:

Currently descending over Chili with live weather…

That pic shows precisely what we need. The days in the game look too “clean” sometimes. We need those kinds of clouds and haze.

Im also hoping a future update will fix the “cauliflower” look of the MSFS clouds.

Foe me personally the best clouds I have seen in a home sim is in the latest version of DCS.


Here’s already a discussion on this one under wishlist. I think it’s beneficial to cross-post

With rain, I feel, sometimes it seems overdone in Live Weather.

Was landing at Mumbai/VABB over the weekend with heavy rain, which was accurate representation of weather itself. Although the ATC said visibility was 3 KM, it was less than 500 m and I had to use autoland as the runway wasn’t visible till the last few seconds before touchdown.

But I bet it made for fun flying none the less :wink:

Please be aware, if not already, that the visibility information on your METAR report is based upon a vertical visibility (looking alongside the trajectory of rain) rather than a horizontal. It tells pilot from what vertical distance the ground should be more or less visible. This is fairly well simulated but you see it better from outside than from your cockpit seat.

there wiil be a weather update somewhere along the line, so we just gotta wait.
and yes its weird they didnt include a visibility slider.

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