Visibility is not available in MSFS2020?

Is it not possible to set visibility in FS2020?
It does not work with the aerosol regulator.
In terms of weather conditions, everything always looks the same in the simulator in terms of visibility
For example, setting a visibility of 10 km is not possible
or is it?
Who knows how to do it

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It’s not. IMO one of the biggest flaws in MSFS. Makes it useless as an IFR simulator.

Don’t think its currently possible to do it as described, but you can always suggest it to the devs at #self-service:wishlist

I’d be more than happy to give it an upvote :smile:

Very much debated. See these threads. Add your vote on the second.

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Ah, that is nice. Thanks for posting, and yes if anyone reads along the thread upvote that second post, its the best way for the devs to see our suggestions :slight_smile:


No direct control of Vis unfortunately. Hopefully something they can add to presets in the future.

I’ve got a few presets you are welcome to try that simulate mist and fog.

Ihmmm. I used one cloud set closer to ground level. Tweaked all its settings to highest and it go me the visibility differences. Not that it’s in any measurable unit but it does the job for me.