Please give us Chaseplane

We just need it ! Is the best camera software !

Well all I can say, is bring on Chaseplane. I have spent the best part of the day trying to set up custom cameras for the A320, using the Ctrl+Alt+* and then trying to set them up on my X56 HOTAS. What a nightmare it is. That’s all I can say


Imagine your plane in flight is being filmed from another plane perhaps above and behind (could be anywhere). There would be movement from both planes, and if your plane banks, rolls, etc, the plane it’s being filmed from (as well as having its own movement) wouldn’t mimick exactly your moves. This would give the camera a very naturalistic look. Fantastic for cinematic recordings (and replays when we get that mode), etc.

X-camera (a 3rd party camera plugin) for X-Plane had this functionality as a script.


While I agree Chaseplane is awesome, I disagree that we need it, the default camera its pretty dam good for default and its really easy to use. I just wish there was an option to change the default pitch as well as height in the Camera setting menu.

Then there is the drone camera which is really simple to use with a Gamepad, that is excellent too, but its missing some features or I need some documentation to help me better understand it. Most of all though Asobo, where is the iconic Flyby view we have had for decades in previous sims.


The default camera system is good, but Chaseplane is better!


chaseplane please… It is extremely essential. I cant imagine simming without it. Quite frankly, I won’t. So please let them get on board


+1 -> I hope we will get it soon…


Chaseplane please, I am so miss being able to personalize my own view angles. This is one of the main reasons I have gone back to P3D.


There are 10 cockpit cameras that you can save custom views to.

Move the camera to where you want it then press CTRL + ALT + (n)

(n) = a number from 1 to 0 at the top of the keyboard.

Press ALT + (n) to go to that view.

They did break some of this in the last update though, as the custom zoom level is no longer saved after a future edit. It seems to use the default zoom level set in the General> Camera menu.


I have to admit the default camera is well made too, maybe the thing i miss the most is the effects (wind, ground, anticipation). Those are really well made and customizable in chaseplane

Thank you ill try that

Try This Link:

If you didn’t already find it, you can adjust the default height of the camera in the menus (under General > Cameras > Cockpit) with values around 70-85 giving you a more ‘sensible’ height for a realistic view, however it’s not consistent between aircraft so you’ll still be sitting too low in some aircraft and too high in others.

While ChasePlane is incredible, I’m certain that we aren’t going to see Asobo add that level of functionality to MSFS, though I really hope they do make some camera improvements. It’s not too bad at present but is lacking in places.

If ChasePlane comes across to MSFS I will definitely pick it up again (hopefully with a discount for existing owners).


Chaseplane is much more than just camera system, it also includes some other amazing features such as a replay system. The ease of use is simply phenomenal. Setting up cameras in seconds, community sharing camera setups. This would be an excellent addition


I openend a request for ChasePlane via ZENDESK. Maybe it helps, if more users who wants ChasePlane do the same to signal that there is a fanbase…

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I’m not sure I understand all these requests for chaseplane here. I love chaseplane and am sure the 3rd party developer that created it is working on it for MSFS, but how is that a request to the makers of this sim?

This sim has a MUCH better default camera system than anything else I’ve seen, but not sure many people have learned to program it like AndyDigital mentioned above. I’ll quote his post here in case people missed it.

Again though, we saw EZDOK, EZCA and ChasePlane developed for our other sims and I’m sure we’ll see many for MSFS but still don’t follow how this would be a zendesk thing or wishlist for MSFS exactly. If the developer of ChasePlane has stated on his forum that he cannot do it due to the current SDK then I’d suggest upvoting the many SDK threads but when we see ChasePlane has nothing to do with anyone other than it’s developer.


I don’t subscribe at all… I find the camera system unfriendly and above all, the fact that controllers settings are erased from time to time after updates is unacceptable. I really miss having Chaseplane (with views backed up in the cloud - anywhere else than on MS servers (which obviously are unreliable when it comes to keeping the controllers settings safe…) and really hope Asobo will open the camera in the SDK… still don’t understand why the refuse to let external developers work on camera add-ons…


From Chaseplane developers

Microsoft has been a lot more keen on developer control on this title than previous titles. They will not allow things like .DLLs to be sold on the marketplace (and with that in mind, do you think they’ll allow .EXEs?).

Chaseplane and EZCA have both been external programs, but unfortunately, the very nature and integral part of both of those programs have been cut out of MSFS. MSFS sandboxes it’s 3rd party programs, meaning it’s isolated from external communication. (Usually used in software testing or cybersec).

We’ve already seen the likes of RealityXP been shut down because of his use of an external program, the Garmin Trainers. Unfortunately, until Microsoft offers some more developer freedom, I don’t think Chaseplane or EZCA is going to happen (at least in the traditional sense).

2D Panels are also nonexistant in MSFS, they completely gutted it or they didn’t add it at all, so you can’t have the camera addon act as a 2d panel, because it doesn’t exist in the first place!

And as said before, their camera “API” is more or less an “AI” as not a lot of properties can be programmed. Asobo has ben quiet about camera APIs, and when they’ll respond is a mystery in itself.

Reason why developers haven’t said anything, is because there is nothing to say. MSFS literally doesn’t have the infrastructure to have Chaseplane or EZCA be properly implemented, and until MS changes that, don’t expect a whole lot.


I miss having chaseplane so so much. I really wish asobo gave us the option to choose and that chaseplane is developed for msfs.

That’s an interesting point to make. Reality XP has been “shut down” because of external Garmins? What about TDS? They use external Garmins too.