Download Honeycomb Yoke & Throttle Software

Noticed that my community folder was wiped out with last update. Anyone know why I can’t download the Bravo software from Aerosoft or Honeycomb for MSFS 2020. Need the lights!

I had the same problem. Doesn’t download in Chrome (no idea why). Try Edge - that worked for me (other browsers may work too of course)

Thanks Gordon, that worked. I was also using Chrome when it wouldn’t download.

Did Honeycomb do something to fix the lights and other switches problems? I had given up on that months ago.

I download it through Chrome by right-clicking on the link and selecting “Save link as”.

The lights have always worked if you had the software installed.

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What about the trim wheel. I read that it got messed up with one of the updates. Good part is by the time I get my hands on one it may be fixed.

Trim wheel works OK and I am very glad with it. Software for the lights doesn’t work automatically. I have to start it manually.

Many people are of the opinion that the trim wheel now trims too slowly. I think it’s kinda ok as is, but I prefer my custom config set up via

This sounds like a problem. I wouldn’t even know how to start it manually; it just works for me.

I use FSUIPC which achieves the same result - started using it so I could work around the 10 degree bug. I believe that when they fixed the 10 degree bug, it effectively meant the trim worked 10 times slower than previously.

See here:

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Hi there,
Glad to hear you were able to download your files again. I have put this topic in the Peripherals section, which is where anything related to Honeycomb should be discussed.

Yes it is, but I am already glad that this works for now. :smiley: Later on I will try to find a solution for this.